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Isn't it difficult & dangerous to hang up plants?

Plants take up valuable spaces around your home, it will trip you if you're not careful! 

Hanging Plants is a retractable hanger for plants and bird feeders where you can easily raise or lower it for your convenience! It also allows more room for more plants!

It can hold a maximum weight of 22lb (10kg) & the pulley will catch at any height that you prefer! Providing you the ease of refilling & watering your plants!

The internal is constructed with a durable hanging strap & fitted with two easy-to-use carabiner style clips.

It comes in 3 with every purchase, allowing you to use it in your home, backyard, balcony, room. It's a fantastic way to display flowers, hanging plants & bird feeders!

Perfect for decorating your garden & home!

A Pulley That Every Garden Should Have!

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✔️Can Hold Up To 22lb (10kg)

✔️Retractable Hanger

✔️Can Be Stopped Wherever You Prefer

✔️Made From Strong & Durable Material

✔️Provides The Ease Of Refilling & Watering Plants

✔️Perfect For Indoor & Outdoor

✔️Fantastic Way To Decorate Your Home



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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Works well !!!

I put these up today to hang some large ferns. I’d read other reviews so I had an idea of how they work...just hold the kind of square piece of plastic just above where the hanging plant hangs onto the hook, and the plant will go up or down. When trying to go up or down, I held the square piece and pushed up from underneath the plant. It takes a couple of times doing that before it locks in place. Remember —it will only go as high as you can reach for the button!
I added a “Double round eye swivel” which is two rounded metal pieces connected in the middle, and they swivel. I hung the swivel from the pulley hook and hung the plant in the other end of the swivel. That way, when I want to rotate the plant it’ll be easier.
If the pulley breaks soon or there’s a problem, I’ll be sure and update this. But for now I’m happy with it, as it’s obviously strong enough to hold these ferns and easy enough to use.

Easy Watering

Purchased 2 here and had purchased 3 last year from another website. I have no complaints, they work as intended and are holding up a light fern and two rather heavy baskets. Makes watering so much easier.

Works great

I love it works great, I love the hatches on both sides, want to get more and fast delivery.

Joseph M. Smith
Super easy to use!

I think this pulley is great and does exactly what it is supposed to. It takes just a minute to figure out the mechanism: left up to release, pull down quickly to extend the rope, pull down slowly to re-engage the mechanism. I really like that I can quickly adjust where my plants hang. This would be awesome for a bird feeder.

More room to grow more

Very handy in the greenhouse. I have a few cherry & smaller tomato plants in pots and using the Plant Retractable Hangers allows room for more plants (on the floor under these). At first I had trouble getting the pulleys to not just extend all the way down or retract all the way. But with a little practice it was easy to lower, raise, and position the pot at different heights. You need to keep a hand under the pot, gently push up (even if it is all the way up) then slowly lower to about where you want it. Then gently lift the plant just a bit and let go - the pulley should catch. Even after you get the knack of lowering/raising keep a hand under the pot.