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It's almost "Mission Impossible" to not switch on the lights to avoid waking up your S.O, while maintaining maximum stealth to grasp aimlessly and fumble your way to the washroom in total darkness, just to relieve yourself during the wee hours... 

It's too hefty to get yourself a pair of night-vision goggles, and wishing for feline vision is just out of the question. Wouldn't it be awesome if you can solve this persisting problem effectively once and for all? 

You can now with the Glow Motion! An ergonometric designed motion sensor LED that doesn't require any installation at all! 

It has a strong built-in magnetic layer on the back that allows you to attach it effortlessly on any metal surfaces; It also includes a strong magnetic adhesive tape for you to stick it on any non-metal surfaces to attach the Glow Motion. 

The motion sensor feature can detect motions within the range of 3-5 meters, and is greatly energy-efficient as it turns off automatically after 15 seconds from the last motion detected.

On top of that, the Glow Motion is also equipped with a built-in rechargeable USB battery, an excellent greener and cheaper alternative to traditional batteries, while keeping your electric bills at an all-time low! 

It is programmed with 4 different modes: instant OFF, ON, motion sensor in a bright environment, and in the dark. Allowing you to tune it freely to your preference just by pressing the button in the middle. 

The Glow Motion is widely applicable to all occasions for both indoor and outdoor usage! Perfect for illuminating your hallway, closet, kitchen cabinet, garage door, and even your camping tent! 

Illuminate Even The Darkest Of Nights! 
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✔️Motion Sensor LED lights 

✔️Comes in 3

✔️Contains 24 LED Bulbs

✔️Bright White Lights That Is Comfortable To Eyes

✔️4 Interchangeable Modes (Off, On, Day Mode, Night Mode)

✔️Hassle-Free Installation  

✔️Magnetic Layer On The Back To Attach To All Metal Surfaces 

✔️Strong Magnetic Adhesive Tape Included To Stick & Attach On Non-Metal Surfaces

✔️Built-In Rechargeable USB Battery 

✔️Light Indication: RED: Charging, GREEN: Fully Charged 

✔️Widely Applicable For Both Indoor & Outdoor usage



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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Serena Norris

These lights are really bright.Very easy to install you just take the sticky tape off the back and press it to the location you want and your done.Very quick charging time and the batteries after fully charged lasts a few weeks and when you need to recharge.This just pull off magnetic strip and plug in then put right backup.These lights are amazing I always use the motion sensor so when I walk in my closet so I never have to turn my light on again.

Benjamin Trotter

These sections of USB lighting were perfect for my workbench in the trailer. They get power from a micro-USB cable and have built-in batteries. They provide plenty of light to work on projects even when the trailer is not connected to an external power source. This is exactly what I needed.

Keja J

I was a bit skeptical at first but these little lights have just made my day! My closet is not a walking however I have this area in the back that I can crawl in where all my shoes are and it's Soooo dark back there. I have tried other lights, but I always needed batteries and sometimes I would forget to turn them off so of course it would drain the battery quicker. So these being chargeable is a huge plus.

So with these having the motion detection is the best thing for me! One light lit up the whole area. So I put the other 2 in the front of my closet for more light since there is not an actual light in the closet and only gets light from my room light when the closet door is open.

They were super easy to install. The hardest part was taking the film off the back of the magnet to expose the adhesive. They need to make it precut or something so it's not so hard to get off. Other than that, it was a breeze. Took me 10 mins at the most and that's just cause I wanted to make sure I had them in the place I wanted them.

K. Ricketts

Luckily I found these LED lights. First thing I noticed was their build quality, nice brushed metal, not plasticy like my old lights. They're also smaller in size so they are better concealed. Light output is great, comparable to my old lights, allows me to use my kitchen, for example getting a glass of water at night. If I had one gripe it would be the battery life hasn't been all that great. But, the trade-off is they're rechargeable and they recharged quickly, much more convenient than replacing batteries and dealing with a bunch of screws. All in all a good product.

Santina Will

These lights are great and I love the fact that they are motion sensored so they only come on when you are in the room. I put one in the hallway so if we get up in the middle of the night we are not having to turn on just automatically comes on and lights our way to the kitchen or the bathroom...I also put one above the counter where I have our coffee is a nice addition and lights up the area so in the early morning I don't have to be turning on ceiling lights to see what I am doing! Put one on the fridge so it comes on when we enter the kitchen...great for if you go in for a midnight snack...or early morning when it is still dark...the fact that the batteries are recharable is a nice more buying or running out of batteries...just plug in to a usb port and in about 2 hours it is charged up and ready to go!! These were a great purchase..come in very handy for those dark places and no need to be turning on lights...searching for the light switch...just comes on when you enter the space...and shuts off when you leave...definitely give these 5*s...if you need some extra light somewhere in your house or anywhere..these are great. They are easy to install..comes with a magnetic strip that will stick to the wall or whatever you decide to put it on or if it is it metal then no need...ready to just put in place! As long as you have a mini usb charging cord you are good to go!! 5*s all the way around....Great little night lights!! Would definitely recommend....