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You deserve to do gardening comfortably, without any strains or pain.

Stop digging holes this way!

Garden Drill is an auger spiral drill that allows you to plant more bulbs in lesser time!

Bulbs store energy from one growing season to the next. When they start to grow, they use these stored reserves to develop roots, shoots, leaves & flowers!

In other words, they don't have to wait for the perfect weather or ideal soil condition because they're very self-sufficient!

Isn't it exhausting & frustrating to dig holes for your plants?

It saves you from back & wrist strains because it has a 10-inch length that removes that constant bending when digging!

It can drill through loose, tough, rocky soil & works with any 3/8" & 18V or larger chucked drill!

It's also made from heavy-duty steel, giving you a quick, efficient & clean hole drilling!

A multi-functional drill that can drill, till, mix & increases efficiency when planting bulbs, vegetables, flowers & plants by saving you from an enormous amount of time & effort!

Perfect for planting trees, flowers & bulbs, fence posts, decks & ice fishing hole!

A Mighty Gardening Tool That You Should Have!

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What Do People Say:


✔️Allows You To Plant More In Less Time

✔️Saves Your Back, Shoulder & Wrists

✔️Size: 3" x 10"


✔️Works In Any Soil Condition

✔️Strong & Durable



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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Makes a repetitive task easy

I was building a 16 foot labyrinth made of bottles in my backyard. With the auger bit and a drill I laid the final 100 bottles (where the flags are in the photo) in about 2 hours as opposed to the 24 bottles I could usually place in that time. It is an excellent trenching tool and cultivator. It cut through small tree roots with ease. I am very pleased that I ordered this product.

Simple and effective

My mother-in-law purchased one of these a few weeks bad and kept talking about how quickly she was able to plant her entire garden and till her flow bed. I figured I would give it a try because the price was right. I hooked this metal auger up to my drill and went to town on my raised flower bed. I was able to till the dirt up better than prior years in a quick manner. I was also able to dig the holes for our flowers quickly. My wife is happy the flowers are planted and I'm happy it didn't take all day to perform. This auger is built sturdy and will last a long time.

Big time saver

Snap this into your portable drill and you’ll have your bulbs planted in no time. I did around 200 bulbs in less than three hours with the drilling of the hole taking mere seconds with this auger. It does bog down if you hit dense clay or compacted soil but that’s more a result of the torque capability of the drill than the bit. Sure beats digging by hand or using the old fashioned bulb planters.

Love this!

Makes me look back at all the years of digging holes and shake my head. So happy with this purchase. My 8 year old was able to use it with a little instruction. Don't forget to toggle down the speed on your drill or you will have a dirt shower. I would buy again and recommend to family n friends!

Worth every penny!!

Wow - This is worth every penny! After digging four holes by hand in Indiana clay, I ordered this tool and it was worth it. I used it for 40 holes and accomplished the task in no time at all. You will love this, It WORKS!