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You deserve to live in a stainless and shinning home!

Isn't it draining and frustrating to scrub or scratch stubborn stains and hard-to-reach areas using all of your body strength, and yet you still can't achieve what you wanted?

Imagine your cleaning projects are made easier and more fun without backache and elbow grease...

The innovative Furious Brush is a water-powered cleaning and detailing tool that allows you to have a time-saving and effortless cleaning duty, transform your painful cleaning experience into an enjoyable one!

You will be surprised by the steady torque and powerful scrub as it cleans fast and thoroughly without damaging the surface of your appliances, giving you a sparkling surface and making it like it is new! 

Furious Brush is a multipurpose tool that comes with two interchangeable brush catering to both sensitive surfaces and stubborn mucks. It works wonders on any tough mess that can be found on your vehicles, sporting equipment, outdoor furniture, pets and much more.

Are you looking for safe spinning brush products that are safe to be used with water?

Unlike the conventional spinning brush, Furious Brush works well with any standard garden hose without any batteries, electricity or drillers, making it safe, water-friendly and energy-saving!

With Furious Brush, you will be able to live in a dirt-free, sparkling clean environment and stay healthy!

Perfect for cleaning automobile & bike parts and outdoor furniture.

Furious Brush Here To The Rescue!

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✔️Time & Energy Saving

✔️Powerful Spinning Brush

✔️Multi-Purpose Cleaning


✔️Powerful Torque, Minimum Splash

✔️Zero Batteries or Electricity

✔️Easy To Use

✔️Two Interchangeable Brush

✔️Self Cleanse Brush

✔️Works Great On Any Surfaces


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
John K
Great product!

I was excited to try the Furious Brush and decided to test it out on the hardest thing I could think of - my tire rims that haven’t been scrubbed for a long time! You can see the before and after photos. I compared the Furious Brush in one section to the standard “sponge, soap and elbow grease” in the other. You can see the difference!

It did take a little longer than I expected but it was very gentle and did not leave scratches like my scrubbing did. I would feel confident using this on more delicate items, especially with the other brush that’s included with the purchase.

I would recommend this product and look forward to trying it on other things!

Never imagined a product like this!

This brush was white before using! I tried it first without using any soap and it still cleans it great! We used it on a bike that really needed a good cleaning. It got through a ton of grease but obviously not gonna get everything off without soap. When using it I’d suggest not putting too much pressure on the brush or it will pop off, also when disconnecting from the hose make sure to release the water pressure (by simply turning on the furious brush) otherwise the pressure will make water go all over you (I learned the hard way lol) Once you’re disconnected I’d also suggest cleaning the brush thoroughly to not transfer any grit, dirt, or oil to other things you plan to clean. Since I used it on an oily bike I had to really wash the brush. I used some grease cutting dish washing liquid (pictured above is the brush after cleaning) but I might try something a little more heavy duty to really get the oil off the brush next time. I’m pretty excited to use this on my car tires that are really dirty. This brush takes off lots of time off of cleaning anything! All in all I would recommend this brush to anyone who needs basically anything cleaned fast and thoroughly!

Venessa Benoit

The furious brush is absolutely amazing. I just got it and tried it out. It is well made it comes with the two brush heads one is for more sensitive services and one is for more serious dirt. I tried it on my tires and it cleaned it so well. I love how it gets in between the small cracks and you don't have to put any pressure or force on it for it to clean it, you don't even have to use soap. Water and the brush is all you need. It is definitely worth purchasing.

D. Larson
Cool washing tool!

Very cool gadget. I used it to wash my wheels that had the typical grime and brake dust. Took it all off easily and left my wheels shiny. I was worried that it would flip water all over me but it doesn't. It stays up by the spinning brush. The brush stays spinning with a decent amount of pressure too, more than I expected, though it does stop rotating if you apply a lot of pressure. I really like that you can adjust the speed and turn it off without having to adjust the hose pressure. Good product!

Works really great. Also very useful for cleaning kids yard toys.

Furious Brush - Wheel brush works really great for cleaning my rims. I tried using it yesterday and it made my wheels and rims look so clean, almost look new. I also like that it comes with 2 kinds of brushes, the hard one and the soft one. This is really helpful for cleaning hidden surfaces too. I actually used to for cleaning my son’s plastic house toy outside.

Great product, so happy to have it. Will definitely be using this a lot.