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How confident would you feel having Led Zepp guitar skills permanently installed in your fingers?

You don't want to regret losing your skill nor you have to be disappointed in yourself not improving your guitar speed or hammering.

Most guitarists can't improve skills and fear injuring themselves in training or heavy jamming, if they lack optimum finger-strength!

Do you want to rest assured having unbelievable finger strength to play smoothly, even when you're not playing?

The unique Finger Master is the only guitar trainer you need that beats any coaching. Anytime, anywhere, in your pocket, this individual finger trainer will surprise you with incredibly improving dexterity with the new tension adjuster and give you injury-free jam sessions!

You cannot have your guitar everywhere or remember those complicated 1-2-3 exercises to improve those F-major or B-flats. That's just frustrating! Especially for your pinky and your left hand...

With unbelievable burn in your arms, you should now start training while watching TV, working from home, not needing to remember any sequences! Guess what? It comes with an Extended-O-Grip for your pinky!

Improvement of your skill and finger-strength for guitar, piano, rock-climbing, rehab or work-stress with your ultimate Finger Master! Surprise yourself (or someone) with what you can do with your fingers!

Beat The Best. Feel The Best.

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✔️No More Finger Cramps During Jamming or Practice

✔️Perfect Fretting Trainer For Professionals & Beginners

✔️Trains Individual Finger Strength For Your Confidence

✔️New Extended-Grip Version For Pinky Training (3.3" - 4.1")

✔️Adjustable Tension For Each Finger (2.5lbs - 6lbs)

✔️Extremely Durable ABS Thermoplastic Polymer Material

✔️High Quality Rubber Support For Easy Training

✔️Surprising Grip Strength Results For Musicians, Athletes, Hobbyists



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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

I'm a fairly strong male, and a manual therapist by trade, who uses a lot of deep pressure when I work.

I know from my profession that exerting too much localized force without core support (I.E. Using fingers and hand flexors in isolation) actually damages and shortens tissue, and can actually lead to some forearm, neck and shoulder issues as the hands and shoulders become more isolated.

Unless you already work out your hands I'd start with lower resistance. You do *not* want to have to tense up your whole arm to do this form of exercise.

Follow the manufacturers guidelines, not the reviews. At 28 years old, strong, and in a profession where I regularly use my finger strength, I need to start at a resistance to avoid injury and get the most benefit.


Pretty neat & really effective! Definitely makes a noticeable difference in the tendons being employed when compared to the single grip squeeze units out there. The ring & pinky finger are sure to feel the burn! Remember guys, there's no muscles in your fingers, they are controlled by tendons in the hand! So the burn will come from inside your palm! The size of your fingers will most assuredly remain unchanged /due to/ this device - but boy oh boy will your grip strength improve!


So, I got this just to maintain some sort of guitaring motion while I'm at work. I had no idea this could be used to improve performance the way it has, and in such a short time! I saw it as more of a gimmick.
Well, I was wrong.


This thing is great!
The action is not as smooth as it could be, as it is all plastic, but the results after a week of use surprised the junk out of me! Fingers are noticeably stronger and more dextrous. I've been playing guitar for about 30 years and I was shocked at the difference this thing made in my playing. The key is not to press each plunger like you're riffing... Take it with you in your pocket and press and hold each plunger, one finger at a time for 6 second each, as many reps as you can fit in. Trust me, after a week, you will be amazed at the difference of the feeling of your guitar. Bends will be effortless and your speed of hammer-ons increased along with better accuracy. I'm not making this up, I was very surprised.


I have to admit I do like this, in fact I love it. I think it's brilliant. It's well built, and it's clear Urban & Hawk have put some real thought into it's practicality and how it'll benefit your guitar playing. This isn't a corporate fad designed to milk money out of novice guitar players who might think they need every single guitar accessory on the face of this planet. (The experienced ones I know who have been playing for over a decade also found this useful in their own way and considered getting one themselves.)

The packaging it comes in (a card with the exerciser affixed to it) has a list on the back of all the different exercises you could essentially incorporate, ranging from strengthening muscles to training them for bar chords.

I started using this every day, playing around with it and giving the muscles a good flexing which I began to reap the benefits of. I could hold chords for longer and the fingers felt more agile when finger-picking.

The ability to change the tension on each finger press (via turning the small dials for each) allows me to slowly improve the strength in the little fingers while stepping it up for the main three which are much stronger (of course, as they said too, favouring certain fingers isn't ideal.)

It fits into the pocket nicely and works great as a warm up before an intense session, or in your spare time when you know there's something you need to work on. It's versatile, strong and definitely serves me well. Highly recommended, espcially for a tenner.