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It is unsafe to venture out of your home at this time of crisis without the necessary protective gear providing sufficient protection and coverage of your face...

According to health experts, harmful pathogens can get into your body through the mucous membranes of your eyes, nose, and mouth as they act as direct pathways to the throat and lungs.

With Face Shield, you can safely eliminate your past worries and concerns about being exposed to these infectious pathogens that we constantly come in contact with!

The Face Shield is designed to give you a solid layer of protection for the top of your head, and frontal coverage of your face, with a transparent mask attached to a cotton fisherman hat. 

The transparent mask is made of top quality polyvinyl chloride with high permeability and has waterproof and dustproof qualities, 

It covers from your frontal facial area all the way back to behind your ears and extends downwards to below your neck. It is highly see-through and delivers maximum visibility so that you can still see where you're walking behind the cover of the mask.

The cotton fisherman hat is foldable, breathable, has great durability and is super easy to clean. Enjoy the utmost comfort wherever you go due to its lightweight quality!

According to the American Journal of Infection Control, people touch their faces more than 20 times an hour on average and about 44 percent of the time it involves contact with the eyes, nose or mouth...

Isn't it worrisome to know that you could be infected with diseases because you touch your face unconsciously after picking up dangerous pathogens from contaminated surfaces?

With the Face Shield, you are bound to be more aware and cautious of getting your dirty hands anywhere close to your face especially when you're outdoors!

Put on the Face Shield next time you venture out to get groceries and your necessities!

Keep Yourself Protected From Diseases With The Face Shield!

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✔️Covers Top of Head & Full Frontal Face & Neck Area

✔️Waterproof & Dustproof 

✔️Durable & Easy Clean


✔️Great Ventilation 



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Pretty good face shield
Very happy with purchase
I love this face shield hat
Multipurpose Use!
You can wear this hat anywhere!