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Isn't it frustrating to reach uncomfortably for objects on the floor or placed too high constantly!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could have extended limbs that could aid you in reaching for objects, without you overstretching yourself or hurting your back and knees for constantly bending over…

The super easy-to-use EZ Grabber is widely applicable to your everyday tasks, from picking up dirty laundries to grabbing your canned soup at the top of your kitchen cabinet!

Say goodbye to stress in your knees climbing up step stools to reach higher places and the worry of its instability!

The jaws of the EZ Grabber is equipped with strong suction cups that prevent damaging your items while gripping onto it tightly and firmly just by squeezing gently on the trigger.

The EZ Grabber also has a unique ergonomic lock feature on the side of the handle. You can lock the jaws of the grabber after picking up the object, to ease your grip from holding onto the trigger!

Additionally, it is exceptionally lightweight, portable, and can be folded up easily for better storage after use.

EZ Grabber is the perfect gripping aid for users of all ages, especially for the elderly, physically challenged, or is in recovery as it is able to ease your daily activities drastically.

Reach Further & Higher Without Breaking A Sweat!


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✔️Super Easy To Use 

✔️32" When Expended; 16.5" When Folded

✔️Widely Applicable To Everyday Tasks

✔️3.9" Jaw Length When Open 

✔️Strong Suction Cups On The Jaws

✔️Secure & Firm Clamps 

✔️Lock Function For Minimized Effort 

✔️Lightweight & Foldable

✔️Perfect For The Elderly, Physically Challenged, Or In Recovery



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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Damian D.
These are great. They close easily and fully to pick up ...

These are great. They close easily and fully to pick up thin or thick. I now have one in every room, in my car, and in my garage. These are a necessity for anyone with a bad back or back injury. I wouldn't give mine up for the world.

Lelah Jones
Good for lightweight items

Bought these for use after hip replacement surgery. They're good for lightweight items, but I found they didn't work on heavier items like a can of beans. I like that they fold up - allowed me to fold up and carry in my walker bag for the first week.

Jack Feil
I have three and would not be without one.

I use these all the time. Have bought several styles but this one is the only one I have found that will pick up extra small items with ease. I have arthritis and it really saves me. "Arthur" isn't that bad but that "Ritus" is a real stinker for pain. I currently have three of these and would not be caught without one.

Denis Schamberger
Great grabbing!

My disabled father-in-law is in love with this grabber. We bought 2 so he could carry one with him at all times. The grabber is strong and stable in spite of the fold. My father-in-law has been able to pick up his TV remote, a tooth pick and a wide variety of other items as well.

Braden Mraz
Makes Life Much Easier!

This is such a helpful tool! I'm 5'2", so I have trouble reaching a lot of places in my house. I use this Grabber countless times a day. Once you've grabbed an item, you can lock the grabber so it won't open while you're retrieving the object, a great safety feature. This is my second Grabber. I used the first one so much, for so many years, that it finally fell apart. Believe me, using the Grabber is much better than standing on a chair!