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As the weather grows warmer and schools draw to a close, everyone's gearing up for the most exciting season of the year! There's just oh so much to do during this wonderful time. 

Whether you're building sandcastles on the sun-soaked beaches or frolicking in the clear waters, nothing beats a quick break lounging under the sun's warm embrace!

Banish all boredom and make the most of your summer fun, while immersing yourself in the total relaxation you deserve with the EZ Air Throne!

It is a durable air lounger that is easily inflatable within seconds! All you need to do is hold onto the opening, and swing it around a couple times against the air current to trap the air.

Fold down the edges of the opening a few times, and clasp both ends together with the buckle clip to securely maintain its inflated state. Allowing you to chill and relax absolutely anywhere at any time! 

Best yet, the EZ Air Throne is waterproof so you can now lounge even on water, and enjoy swaying along the gentle currents of the creeks and lakes, or just simply lazing on it at the next poolside party.

It weighs only at 2.6lbs, but it can hold up an astonishing maximum weight of 500lbs. Catered to users of all ages on all occasions for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Relax and enjoy the small things in life whether you're lounging at summer festivals with your hippie shades on, or admiring the meteor showers under the star-filled night sky! 

Adventure. Explore. Relax. Repeat!

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✔️ Inflatable Air Lounge

✔️ Inflates Easily Within Seconds 

✔️ Great Durability (Holds Up To 500lbs)

✔️ Waterproof

✔️ Lightweight

✔️ Easy Portability 

✔️ Comes With Storage Pouch For Easy Storage 

✔️ Widely Applicable For All Occasions For Both Indoor & Outdoor Usage



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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Eryn Reichel

It took some time getting used to getting it filled with air but once you know that it doesn't have to be completely full of air it is pretty easy to use. Once you get enough air in it, rolling the end will make it fuller. It is quite comfortable, depending on if you like it firm or not you can loosen it by unrolling the end.

Lina Batz

I spent half a weekend snuggled up in this thing at a music festival and it was amazing. Too much head banging on Friday left my neck broken, so I spent the entirety of Saturday taking it easy and this thing is one of the best purchases I've ever made. Hands down the best festival accessory ever. I love how compact it rolls up and you can park your ass literally anywhere and watch the show with maximum laziness. Seems to be built really well. I think this thing is a good solution for anyone who cant stand for too long, has back issues, or is just lazy like me. It can be awkward to get in and out of so be aware of that, but is ultimately very cozy once you get settled.

Damon Wolff

I bought this lounger for the summerfest last year. It was kind of an impulse purchase but I don’t regret getting it. I took it with me to the festival and got a lot of envious looks from people. Its for sure, a conversation starter. Now my festival routine is to blow this thing up and sit back, throw on my sweet trippy glasses, and put on my concert earplugs.

Arjun Trantow

As far as quality goes I have no complaints. The color is bright and the material seems durable. Its actually a lot stronger than I thought. It’ll probably take a lot of force to actually puncture it. I believe the whole thing weighs about two pounds or so. You can easily roll it up if you want to take it with you on the go, which is what i do. Keep in mind though that it won’t fit in most backpacks so you’ll have to carry it separately. Another pro is that it’s easy to clean up. It gets dirty after a while being on the ground and all but you can easily rinse it off with water.

Cody Ritchie

Super easy to use and sooo comfy. Lightweight, sand doesn't stick and you can float in the water. They can fly away so attach to something if it's windy. Best beach 'chairs' by far due to comfort and easy of packing.