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Has it been a persistent struggle for you to hold your magnifying glass and torchlight while soldering and inspecting your circuit boards in detail? 

With the Electro Vision, you can now say goodbye to the constant squinting and electronic mistakes for good, and have both hands available to work!

You can now work on your electronics in a more relaxed and comfortable manner even with your spectacles on by moving the power lenses front and back to achieve your optimum focal length and position!

It'll bring you ex-STATIC joy to your CURRENT situation, whether you're a pro doing serious electronic repair at work, or an amateur working on minor electrical circuits in your comfortable OHM.

It comes with 5 pop-in lenses with different magnification powers, which you can adjust the angle freely without RESISTANCE, allowing you to use it interchangeably on the suitability of your repairing tasks. 

It is also equipped with an adjustable LED Glass Lamp near your forehead area, allowing you to have maximum visibility and clarity on the task at hand.

You can now do inspections on your microelectronic components better than Sherlock OHMS no matter how dark or dimly lit your working environment is!

Depending on your preference, the arms of the Electro Vision can be detached and replaced with the elastic band included, allowing you to work comfortably for longer periods!

The Electro Vision is designed to prioritize your comfort while using it, it has a soft rubber coating on the nose bridge holders which is flexible and adjustable to give you sufficient support even with your spectacles on.

Improve Your Vision & Precision With The Electro Vision!

Q & A:

1. Can you wear it over your spectacles?
Yes, detach the arms of the Electro Vision and switch it to the headband. Wear it over your head and slide it onto the bridge of your nose behind the rubber pads of your spectacles.

2. What are the different power lenses included?
The 5 power lenses include the magnification powers of 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x, and 3.5x, fully at your disposal depending on how detailed you’d like to magnify your vision. All of which are placed in a sturdy storage container for safekeeping.

3. Is the headband adjustable?
Yes, the headband, angle of lenses, and the LED lamp are all fully adjustable to your optimum level of comfort, suited for whatever task at hand.

4. How long can you comfortably wear these magnifiers?
A small break is recommended after approximately 30-45 minutes of continued usage. You may switch out the arms of the Electro Vision and replace it with the headband for better comfortability.

5. How to turn on the LED lamp?
You can turn on the LED lamp by sliding the switch located just above the LED lamp itself.

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✔️Detachable & Easy Change Lenses

✔️5 Magnification Powers (1x, 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x, 3.5x)

✔️Adjustable Lens Angle

✔️Interchangeable Headband 

✔️Adjustable LED Lamp Angle

✔️Rubber Coated Nose Bridge Holders  



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