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You deserve to have a pair of comfortable ears at all times!

Isn't it annoying when there is excessive earwax clogged up your ears that makes you suffer from hearing difficulties or itchiness?

Imagine having a worry-free ear cleaning experience without hurting your ear canal!

The Ear Cam is an endoscope inspection camera that can be connected to your device, allowing you to check on your inner ear situation when you clean your ears.

Now you can finally have a safe ear cleaning experience, saving time and money from visiting the doctors to solve your problems!

It is a multipurpose device that can also be used to check on your mouth, throat, nasal cavity and hair scalp.

It is a waterproof device and comes with 6 adjustable LED on the camera tip that enhances visibility during low light moments.

What's more! Ear Cam is a great diagnostic tool for kids as it reduces the feeling of discomfort and distracts their attention through the display of your device during the ear cleaning process. 

Perfect for home use, students, doctors, and nurses!

Ear Cam, Safer Than Your Ear Pick!

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✔️Pleasant Ear Cleaning Experience

✔️Safer Than Traditional Ear Pick

✔️Saving Time & Money From Trips To The Doctor

✔️Multipurpose Endoscope Usage

✔️Waterproof & Great Quality Visuals

✔️Ease Ear Cleaning Experience For Kids

✔️Perfect For Home Use, Students, Doctors & Nurses



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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Kevin F.
This thing is awesome!

I was having problems with my hearing - nothing dramatic, but it felt like there was excessive ear wax built up in my ears. And, lo and behold, there was. I was surprised to see what was in them, but this otoscope allowed me to clean them out and they are back to where they should be. There are a multitude of attachments that come with the scope, but I only used the scoop for one of my ears and it helped tremendously. The other ear wasn't as bad and I just used a squirter to squirt warm water (the warmer the better as it will melt the wax easily - but not too hot to hurt yourself) into my ear and watched the wax flow right out.

If you have any doubt about what"s hanging out in your ears, you should buy one. A lot of people think they have clean ears, but you'd be surprised when you can look inside of them with an otoscope. It's definitely worth the money and its cheaper than going to a doctor or ENT.


I have recently been on an ear obsession kick. Like, I want to make sure my ears are clean, and I want to see whats in them! I know, it's weird. But whatever :) So I bought this, and an ear cleaning kit. The camera on this, is really, really good! It comes with thorough instructions. You need to follow them, in order to set it up, so that you can see it on your phone. And once you have it set up to see, it's a lot easier the 2nd time you use it. I had fluid in my ear, and I could see it!!! I also used it, to show my 7 year old his mouth. I have tonsils and he doesn't. He was AMAZED at the difference. The cord has a button on it, so that you can adjust the magnification. It has many different sizes of attachments, depending on the size of the space and what you want to do. I know that I am going to get so many different uses out of this, over the years!

Self diagnosis tool

This is an awesome tool. For diagnosing my kids, I have a regular otoscope. But for myself, I'm out of luck! My husband says he doesn't know really what to look for... When I found this tool I tested it on myself and to my surprise the image I got was better than what I get with a regular otoscope.
I'll post some pictures of my ear drums for reference! As you can see, the picture shod clear fluid beind my ear drum and NOT an infection. So now before I waste my time to go to urgent care only to be misdiagnosed with an ear infection (I don't have them hardly ever!), I can connect my iPhone to this endoscope and can save a trip to the doctor's and take one to the drug store instead, for some Sudafed and Mucinex.

Therese M Rizzo
Look Deeply In Your Ear, Not Your Wallet!

I bought this Ear Cleaning Endoscope because I hate how much trouble I have cleaning my waxy ears.They provide about 10 refills of the two kinds of cleaning tools—a q-tip and a sticky wax tip—that clean your ear by slipping over the camera wand. So you can look in your ear as you clean it, and you really are able to see which parts need to be cleaned. The light that shines out of the wand is very bright, so you can see the entire year (see pictures). It's a great setup, very easy to use, and it's wonderful fun for those of us who like to see what we're doing in our ears. It's also nice to know that I’m not going in deep enough to damage anything in my ear. I’m also excited to use it to look down my throat the next time I think I have strep. This is a wonderful little piece of equipment, and I think you'll really enjoy this medical toy!

Easy to Set Up and use

bottom line: This is a great tool at a great price! I would purchase again!

Why I purchased: I primarily purchased this for working on my vehicle. There have been numerous times where I've needed to find the exact location of a bolt, watch an engine part in action, search for a leak, etc. This device gives me an extra long and maneuverable set of eyes to get in those hard to reach places.
Ease of use: I admit that I did test this out on my ears (since that is what it is meant for). The zoom and detail on this camera is incredible! In fact, it is so incredible that I'm embarrassed to show what my ears looked like inside. Needless to say, the ear cleaning accessories came in handy.