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The habit of saving up money should be nurtured and developed from a young age with the help of piggy banks, in order to set up for the future and also prevent getting into tricky financial situations! 

However, it is almost unrealistic to set saving goals with your loose change because of how unpractical it is to keep count of your deposits. Making you unaware of how much you've already saved up, and losing motivation along the way...

Save more efficiently with the E- Piggy! An ergonometric designed piggy bank that counts and displays your savings for you on an LCD display screen, keeping you excited to watch your money grow after each deposit! 

Whether it's the pair of roller skates you've been eyeing on, or you've been meaning to purchase that brand new guitar, E- Piggy will aid you in letting you know when you've hit the goal you've set, keeping you engaged and driven to save up! 

Alternatively, you can also keep track of your savings and cash it out when you've hit a mini money milestone of $10, $20 or $50, which you can then proceed to make a bank deposit with it! 

The battery-operated E- Piggy is made of durable ABS material, that is hard-wearing and long-lasting for an extensive product usage period, allowing you to use it for a longer time.

The E- Piggy accepts all U.S. circulated currency which includes pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollar coins. It also has buttons for manual addition and subtraction for when you need to make withdrawals, keeping it super interactive to achieve better money managing!

Saving Money Has Never Been This Exciting & Rewarding!


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✔️Automatic Coin-Counting Money Jar

✔️Clear Display On LCD Screen

✔️Keeps Track Of Your Savings 

✔️Encourages Better Motivation To Achieve Saving Goals

✔️Made Of Durable ABS Material

✔️Accepts All U.S. Circulated Currency

✔️Addition & Subtraction Buttons 

✔️AAA Battery- Operated 

✔️Product Dimensions: 4.5" x 4.5" x 8" 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Asia Douglas
Works great, problems with coin values easy to fix

This works great! Some people have mentioned the bank getting dimes and pennies confused, but the solution to this problem is simple: slow down! If you try to put in coins too quickly, it will absolutely get values confused. Slow down a little and it won’t be a problem. Besides, if it does make a mistake, you can use the buttons to correct it! I love this coin bank, though the noise the coins make when they go in was very confusing for my roommates when I first started using it.

Christ Kemmer
Cute lil bank.

I love it. My 3 year old always gets “Monies” instead of toys and she gets super excited to put her coins in the bank.
The top has a counter on it which is a bonus. It seems to know which coins are which but when she struggles to put the coins in the jar it could miscalculate. So far it’s adorable. She has about $32 in there so far from the past week.

Carol Cremin
My grandson is interested in building up his allowance.

At first, my grandson(10) just opened and closed the lid to play with the money. But now, he is interested in adding his allowance each week. I gave him $1.50 in quarters. That helped. He talks about how much money he has saved. The next step is to discuss his options. Should he spend it all, spend part of his money, or save it all? He hasn't imposed any rules yet. He just likes watching it accumulate. And, the change is not all over his room anymore. Mission accomplished!

Megan Rios

This is exactly what I was looking for. No more of the kids dumping out all the change and trying to count it, getting lost mid-count in a mountain of pennies. It keeps the total stored and the screen goes into a sort of "rest mode" until you add coins to the jar again. It's fairly large, think the size of a bulk store-sized spaghetti sauce jar. Batteries aren't included but they were easy to install. It's pretty cut and dry and my kids love it. I definitely recommend this for preschool to elementary school aged children learning to count and save money.

Sher Keefe
Just love it

I have really enjoyed using this container before I used to put my coins in bowl but with this container it adds up the coins so I'm on track of how much money I have. It's a great way to encourage kids to save as well.
When my container is filled I usually take it to the coinstar machine.