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You need to feel safe & secure in your own home.

Are you worried about someone breaking into your home?

Imagine you are sound asleep & a burglar is attempting a break-in. When you wake up, a sharp object is poking at your neck & someone ordering you not to move.

Double Lock is an innovative technology that adds a layer of protection to your door. It prevents any attempted break-in, giving you extra time to call for help!

Double Lock will give you peace of mind! It will jam the door, giving you additional security, safety & privacy!

This compact & portable safety lock only need seconds to install it, without any tools required!

Your family and you will be safer in your room & worry less about break-ins!

Keeping You Safe Inside, No Matter Where You Are!

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What Do People Say:


✔️Gives An Important Layer Of Security & Privacy

✔️Prevents Any Attempted Break-Ins

✔️Works Best For In-Swing Doors

✔️Compact & Portable

✔️Strong & Durable

✔️Great Gift Idea


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

I feel so much better adding this small but secure feature to my apartment door. I usually will not leave a review sharing my personal business however, after what happened to me today I feel the need to post this. A few weeks ago I was minding my own business inside my third level apartment. I had just gotten home from work so I removed my clothes to place them in the laundry. Before I could place the clothes inside I heard a key turning in my LOCKED door! Before I could react my front door flew open and three guys were standing in my doorway. I yelled for them to get out! One of the guys apologized and stated "He was from the carpet cleaning service my apartment uses on a permanent basis". Two of the guys left quickly however, the first guy was still standing there looking at me. I screamed again for him to get the **** out! He apologized again and left. Of course I called my apartment manager and filed a complaint. Turns out the guys were looking for the empty apartment under mine and were not paying attention to the apt numbers. Still I felt so shaken by this incident. I live alone and I felt like I needed something besides my stun gun to help me feel secure while inside of my home. I just never thought about something like this happening. My apartment door is heavy but it only has that one lock on it. It was a bit tricky to get on at first however, after looking over the instructions carefully and reading a few reviews from this web-page I figured it out. Today early this morning I was getting out of the shower and guess what? A key turned in my lock but the door would not budge. I ran to my peep hole and I could see it was the same guy from the carpet service. I told him to back up before I use my weapon and he claimed "He just stopped by to apologize again". I'm in the process now of reporting this to the police. Please keep in mind it only works within the inside of your door you are not able to leave it on if no one is home.

Best purchase I ever made!

I want everyone to know this really works and was the most satisfying purchase I ever made! I was worried about getting what I paid for and if it was going to be durable, but I did and it was!

Here's my story: I had no privacy in my bedroom or bathroom and I HATED it! I could barely sleep soundly without someone busting into my room whenever they wanted. If you notice in my pictures there is what appears to be a standard lock already on my door but for some reason you can just stick anything you want in the slit on the other side and turn and open the door! I was appalled! I enjoyed an enormous amount of satisfaction the 1st time I stuck this contraption on the door and saw the door knob turn and this over 200lb guy (a friend) push and push on this door wondering why he could not get it open!!! It held! It did not budge whatsoever! It doesn't matter if the door is unlocked, if the doorknob is turned it will not open a crack! If you see in my pictures the red part holds the door closed tightly and even if the other person is jiggling the door, once it's in place as shown in my picture it will NOT OPEN. If you are like me and want to keep people from coming into a room you are already in, Iwould definitely recommend this item.

nancy w.
I highly recommend for anyone in an apartment and travelers

I purchased two of these, one for my apartment door and one for travel.

Home: this fits perfectly on my front door. It was tested when the maintenance man at my building showed up earlier than expected. He knocked, and before I could get to the door, he was already trying to open the door AND COULD NOT. This held, and he really pushing. I know someone can get in if they really are determined, but the level of noise they'd cause would alert neighbors and give me time to react. Exactly what I bought it for.

Hotel: I've stayed in one hotel and this did fit. It was loose in the door jamb, but once the door was closed, it didn't budge when I tested it.

Nothing is 100% secure. But this device definitely makes my door more secure then the lock and chain do! I highly recommend for anyone in an apartment and travelers. I practiced taking the lock off to be sure I could do it in a fire. It takes less than 3 seconds to set up and remove. Very happy with purchase.

a little peace of mind (picture of how to place it in the door)

This lock is nice because I live in an apartment. It won't damage anything and is easy to use. Sometimes the maintenance people come much earlier than expected, which can be a problem if I'm getting ready/showering or napping. This lock prevents them from entering before I'm ready for them to come in.

Richie Jaskolski

I never write reviews but after receiving this and trying it out, I was so impressed that I had to share. This took all of 1 minute to setup and after pulling hard on the door, the lock held firm. We use this on an interior door that doesn't currently have a lock on it. So simple to use and should hopefully prevent us from being surprised in the night by someone breaking in via the basement and sneaking up to the main floor of the house without us knowing.