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There's something magical and oddly nostalgic in using chalks on blackboards, bringing back plenty of happy memories of the many hours devoted to drawing and coloring-in doodles during your childhood! 

Well, you can now have your very own chalk magic in your home with the Doodle Wall! A unique and intelligent combination of a typical chalkboard and a self-adhesive wallpaper that is easily removable or transferrable, without ruining and leaving marks on your beautiful wall! 

The Doodle Wall is made of quality PP/PET materials that are incredibly hard-wearing and greatly water-resistant, the surface of the chalkboard can be easily erased too with just a thorough wipedown using a damp cloth, allowing you to use it for a longer period of time.  

That being said, the moment of pride seeing your child turn into an artistic genius on your walls is always short-lived, when you realize the amount of tedious cleaning work is required to remove their eccentric masterpieces... 

Well, you CAN strike the perfect balance in allowing your kids' artistic talents flow freely without impairing their creative development; and at the same time, avoid turning your home into an art museum with the Doodle Wall! 

Just choose a clear smooth surface on the wall, give it a brief cleaning, peel off the base film, stick it onto the chosen spot, press it down completely, and you're ready to doodle your heart out!  

The Doodle Wall is also widely applicable to various usages, it has tiny grids on the back for you to measure and cut out your desired dimensions to fit different spots around your home according to your needs and preferences.

Place one along your hallway to leave notes and messages to your loved ones, one along the walls of your kids' playroom for them to scribble on, and another on your fridge to write down grocery lists and food recipes! 

Revolutionary Chalkboard Wallpaper In Your Home!


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✔️Unique & Intelligent Combination Of Chalkboard & Self-Adhesive Wallpaper 

✔️5 COMPLIMENTARY Coloured Chalk Pieces With Each Purchase! 

✔️Removable & Transferrable Tape Sticker WITHOUT Damaging Your Wall

✔️Constructed With Hard-Wearing & Water-Resistant PP/PET Materials

✔️Super Easy To Erase With Simple Wipedown Using Damp Cloth 

✔️Perfect For Your Child's Wall Scribblings & Nurturing Their Creative Development

✔️No More Tedious Wall Cleaning, Scrubbing, Repainting! 

✔️Easy To Apply Onto Any Smooth Surfaces 

✔️Widely Applicable For Various Usages 

✔️Grids Available On The Back For Easy Measurement & Cutting To Preferred Sizes

✔️Cool & Unique Method To Leave Notes, Reminders, Messages On Hallways, Noting Down Grocery Lists & Food Recipes On The Fridge!


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