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Dog's Best Friend

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Do you ever worry about how your dog feels when you’re gone?

Pet-dogs experience psychological loneliness when they’re stripped of social interaction at home/alone.

The smart Dog’s Best Friend is a special toy designed to play with your dog in your stead! It keeps your dogs stimulated for a while after you’re gone and keeps them happy!

With a Lithium-power motor, the DBF rolls around the house while your dog chases it.

Now your good doggo will wiggle its tail when you leave, instead of longing for you at the doorstep!

Get your dog the latest tech, and never worry about neglecting your dog again.

Live smart. Love smart.

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✔️Auto-Rotation Technology

✔️No Batteries Required

✔️Charge Runs for 4 Hours

✔️Stops Every 15 Mins for Safety

✔️Smart Design; Avoids Being Stuck in Corners

✔️Dog's Instinct Stimulator

✔️Easy To Operate

✔️Perfect For Lonely Dogs



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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Great toy. My puppy is very smart but gets freaked out by loud noises. I introduced her to the DBF by just leaving it out around her other toys for a couple of days until she got used to thinking of it as toy. Then, before I turned it on, I smeared some peanut butter in the groove and let her play with it by herself. When I turned the dbf on for the first time, she was ecstatic! Even with all the noise it makes on our hardwood, she doesn’t mind it. I’d prefer if she could keep it on our rug, but oh well!


I was really skeptical from the description because there's a lot of design and technology that needs to come together to make something ambitious like this. But it -is- all here. The people who made this have a real sense of humor --- it's the ultimate toy to troll your dog with. My test dog, a border collie mix, usually destroys toys like this, but the "Dog's Best Friend" has stood up to several sessions, and over 30 minutes total.

So if you've got a dog that's work-motivated or high energy, this is good for occupying them.


I got this for my cat but strangely enough my dog plays with it the most! The cat enjoys it, as much as you can tell it does; it'll post up and watch it roll about in weird random ways and he obviously enjoys it. He'll stalk it now and then but also seems to like simply watching it. My dog on the other hand goes in! HE like to attack and devour. I consider it a win win.


I bought the DBF for my dog and he played with it for a few days.
I wish I could control it with an app so I could play with my dog with it, because my dog doesn't get stimulated that easily and moves on to new toys very quickly.


Great product
I’m 75 and purchased the puppy for my Godson but didn’t really realize how much he would be gone with work and school..
This product has been a life saver since it’s very hard for me to keep her busy since I cannot move very quickly..
She loves it and all I do is charge and drive it for her..
Win. Win. 👍🏻👍🏻😂😂