Do Nature Portable Microscope

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Would you like to have the opportunity to see the micro-universe around you, that you might not have had in your childhood?

Neil deGrasse Tyson said, "we have always been interested in science", but most of us don’t have easy-access to labs and fancy equipment.

Designed with high precision by the Japanese, the Do Nature microscope magnifies up to a 120x zoom.

It will open your eyes to the tiniest things, be it the mite on your skin, the mold starting to grow, or an infestation on your pet! It's portable, so you can even take it outside to see a spider-web!

Observe cool plants, the authenticity of jewelry, and infinitely-many things around you. Have fun teleporting to a brand new universe!

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✔️Military-Grade Polymer Body

✔️60x - 120x Ultra-Zoom Power

✔️Premium Optical Lens

✔️AAA Battery-Operated White LED

✔️Pocket Sized

✔️Easy to Use



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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Janel Foo

I was finding these mites on my cats and they were also attacking me. My vet couldn't identify it as a common pet parasite. They were just barely big enough to be seen with the naked eye, I needed something inexpensive to take a better look to see if i could identify them by internet research instead of paying the money to send off the sample. I was so impressed with how well I could see these mites under this simple inexpensive scope! I took this picture with simply placing my iPhone on top of the viewer. Although, it made me nauseous seeing them so close up, it also brought out the inner nerd in me and i was fascinated!

Mark Buckland

A little hard to use at first but in time it's nice. Plenty of power to view trichomes.

Adam Martin

I love the concept and the device, but I just wish it had a rechargeable battery.

Karen Little

Do Nature is just the ticket for gardening and exploring. It's lightweight but substantial and has a nice, solid feel.

Like all of the more powerful small scopes, you need to tinker with it a bit to get the best magnification, and at the highest magnification you will also benefit by being still. I've used more expensive scopes and several natural light scopes (like the one in the picture) over the years, and this LED light scope puts them to shame. The results are excellent from full sunlight to dark.

The grip is quite ergonomic for such a small device. You can use the focusing ring with the same hand you're holding it with, and you'll need to use your non-dominant hand to adjust the zooming dial when needed. The LED switch is perfectly located.

This handheld is also perfect for those of us who choose to avoid button batteries. I wanted an AAA battery device because our local stores are often out of the button battery I need. The battery compartment opens easily and the single battery can be accessed in a snap. (AAA battery not included).

It's portable but not really pocket-sized for a girl's skinny jeans. I keep it in my gardening apron pocket or in my birding vest pocket. But smaller than most available out there (checkout the picture of comparison)! It's useful and fun.

Whether you're looking at a praying mantis casing, diagnosing spider mites, checking herb for readiness, or exploring the micro world with kids, this is an excellent portable microscope for the money.

Jessie Dilail

i actually bought this so i can inspect plant resin on my flowers to see when they are ready to harvest. but i find it's so easy to get carried away with it. wall's, carpet, leaves, pet fur, sugar on the table, bugs, dirt, lol if it was in my house i inspected it. it's lots of fun. i only wish i could see the air on a microscopic level. but we cant have everything. all in all its a great buy.