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Keep yourself distanced from the society at this moment of uneasiness!

According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention), the 2 major methods of how infectious pathogens spread is through close proximity between one another, and the inhalation of infectious droplets produced from coughs and sneezes...

With the Distance Umbrella, you are now able to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from catching the various types of infectious agents!

It has a lengthy canopy design which extends downwards to below your shoulder length which keeps your face shielded at all times,

It has a clear-view canopy that allows maximum visibility so you can still see where you're walking being under your umbrella, the perfect tool to keep you protected on your walks!

It gives you a protective layer for whenever another person sneezes or coughs in close proximity with you in a social setting, which decreases the chances of you catching their nasty illnesses!

Being under the Distance Umbrella also helps to maintain a healthy social distance, as it can increase the physical space and minimize the contact between you and your peers.

The Distance Umbrella is also constructed for maximum durability, equipped with a stainless steel shaft and a sturdy handle. It's designed to keep you protected not only from diseases but also from strong winds and heavy rains too!


Give Yourself An Extra Layer Of Protection With The Distance Umbrella!
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✔️Extended Canopy Design

✔️Protective Layer 

✔️Maintains Healthy Social Distance

✔️Clear Visibility

✔️Strong & Durability

✔️Withstand Strong Winds & Heavy Rains



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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Great in pictures!

My outdoor wedding had a 90% chance of thunderstorms. We were unprepared and had to order 12 of these umbrellas the week of. They came in time and we didn’t even end up needing them because the weather turned our perfectly fine. With the help of lots of prayer it didn’t rain until the very end of the night. We took some pictures with the umbrellas because we had them. They held up nice and they are very sturdy. Great quality umbrellas. Definitely recommend. They look great in pictures too.

A statement piece!!

First of all I get so many compliments, I am able to cover my face from the rain plus and able to clearly see where I am going, basically a 360 view of everything
When In crowded areas it’s very convenient because I don't take up so much space like a traditional umbrella but
It’s wide enough to cover myself and my backpack. Two people are able to fit awkwardly inside but I’m pretty sure this type of umbrella design is meant for you to go solo.


Perfect and adorable!

Great to use with kids!

I have a young child to carry when out and about, this umbrella shields both of us adequately versus other umbrellas we’d both get a good deal wet. Legs are fine to get wet, but when your head and shoulders end up soaked while carrying an umbrella, it’s annoying. This umbrella solves that. It’s been used 10+ times so far, no issues with tearing etc.

I love it

I love this umbrella! I feel totally protected from the rain and wind with this umbrella. I'm not a small person, and this totally protects me nicely. I like that it's see through so I can look ahead while being totally protected from the stormy elements. It feels like it's pretty sturdy, most of the "parts" are plastic, so it probably wont last more than a season or two, but it was super affordable, and adorable, and I will probably buy another one when it does wear out. I've only had it for a few months, and only used it 3 or 4 times... so far, it's really good!