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Want to give the best gift ever? Whether it's for your parents, friends, children or special someone, this is your chance to arouse the best memories while enjoying music.

Kalimba, also known as thumb piano, is like a magic music-box producing amazing sounds. A new type of instrument, originated in Africa, it's great for children to cultivate musical talent and for adults who simply love music.

😉Easy to Play: Without any music knowledge, just use your thumb to get the wonderful music that delights your day. An English manual is also included for you to learn more!
😉Clear and Melodious Sound: Using steel-copper tines and a high-quality clear acrylic body, the rich notes are sustained longer steadily. It produces an absolutely soul-enriching sound!
😉Portable Design: Small in size, with all 17-keys, for easy carrying. An excellent choice for relaxing outdoors, mindfulness, or traveling.
😉Immediately Playable: Crystal Heaven comes as an in-tune kalimba, pre-tuned to key "C". There are engraved notes on the tines, making it perfect for beginners and children.

Wanna play your favorite songs? Crystal Heaven is easy to tune!
Use the included high-quality steel with your professional ears or download an app for perfection (Android: gStrings, iOS: Instuner). Tune to your desired pitch and enjoy Titanic, Bella Ciao, or Beethoven!

Tip: Crystal Heaven is in tune when you receive it and we suggest beginners to not tune it early on.

Comfortable material and ergonomic design: With the smooth and pleasing clear acrylic body and the melodious carbon-steel tines, Crystal Heaven is designed for finger plucking so that you feel the notes' vibrance. The portable design makes it easy to take it even to parties.

The Crystal Heaven comes with:
1. 17 Keys covering over 2 octaves
2. An instruction/manual learning book
3. A stainless steel tuning hammer for playing any song
4. A carrying pouch to take it with you
5. Finger-gloves for your skin's comfort
6. cleaning cloth to keep its crystal body and metal tines shiny for your eyes!

Why choose Crystal Heaven as your go-to instrument?
🌈Easy to learn. Zero basics required. Make your musical dream come true!
🎶For music lovers. Beautiful and pleasant music can be made with the Crystal Heaven, whenever and wherever you are!
🎁Gift for the parents. Spend your leisure time productively and play soothing music to heal your body, mind and soul!
🎁Great as children's gift. Develop a child's interest in music. Avoid them spending too much time indulging in electronic products.
🎁For your friends. The potable Crystal Heaven is the best gift for your friends, who like music, this year!
🎆For yourself. Spend good nights with Crystal Heaven, playing sweet melodies after a hard day's work.

❤️Kalimba - A known healing musical instrument with the most enchanting sounds ever. Crystal Heaven is one of the therapeutic tools that do not require any musical knowledge. You can instantly make a pleasant sound and strong healing vibrations. It is perfect for every age!

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✔️Express Your Personal Inner Melody

✔️Shatter-Resistant Acrylic Glass Material

✔️Mesmorisingly Unique Tones Instrument

✔️17 Keys; Over 2 Beautiful Octaves (Pre-tuned to Key C)

✔️Perfect For All Ages, Moods, Places & Times

✔️Perfect Gift Idea For Your Loved Ones

✔️Engraved Notes On Steel-Copper Tines; Play Your Favorite Song

✔️Free Tuning Hammer, Thumb Gloves, Carrying Pouch, Cotton Cloth

✔️English Manual & Key Stickers Included For Beginners


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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Miss McCool

Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for - a review of the beautiful acrylic model.
So, I'll begin by saying that I was pretty worried about purchasing this model when I noticed how much more expensive it was than the wooden versions, and the simple fact that this one had no reviews yet. I decided to go for it and I just received it today.
Let me calm your reserves by saying that this was well worth the extra money. This is a sturdy, well made instrument. It is heavier than I expected but not uncomfortably so to play.
I included photos so you can see just how nice this version is.

Cristobal Jones

It came with a polishing cloth for fingerprint removal and a little booklet that teaches the basics of the instrument, how to tune it with the included hammer, and even a chart on how to play a simplified version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and You are My Sunshine.
The sound quality is lovely for the price. It needs tuning when first purchased, and the higher notes do come across as a bit tinny. But in all, the sound is lovely, soft, and almost haunting - which EXACTLY what I was hoping for.
I definitely recommend it!


It’s a beautiful instrument and has a good quality sound once tuned.


This instrument is cute, but don't let the cuteness fool you. It also produces great harp and bell like tones and is very soothing to hear. If you are a beginner don't be afraid of getting this.
Pressing on the tines randomly will sound like a soothing melody.
You can't go wrong! I wish I would have purchased one sooner!

Arnulfo Blick
Would highly recommend

I love this clear version!!!! It’s super cute and I love how it comes with a tuning utensil, and sticker notes.
The only thing I had problems with was the tuning. The higher notes were slightly out of tune but it wasn’t nothing the utensil couldn’t fix