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The cold season's all about getting cozy with books, drinking hot coco, feeling the warmth of meeting friends and family, being productive and enjoying holidays.

Painfully, some of us are always frustrated with cold hands and numb fingers occupying all our attention from precious moments. This problem is real and stings every day of fall and winter!

Imagine being able to warm your hands as soon as you feel your body needs it. Wouldn't that feel perfect this difficult winter?

The microwavable Cozy Hands provides relief to women, elderly and all cold-area residents by instantly reviving heat to frozen hands that goes beyond warming fingers. The world's fastest heating time in one of the longest heat-retaining times!

Still stuck with leaking, annoying hot bottles or those hours of charging potentially dangerous and radiation-emitting electric tiny hand warmers with heat retention for a couple hours?

Heated in 2.5 minutes, Cozy Hands will stay warm for you up to 8 hours! Made from non-exploding, food-grade PP material withstanding over 285°F, it relies on the physical and structural phase-change of the warmer. Rigorously tested in our labs, it's 100% leak-proof and safe!

With a premium outer milk-white shell that's cozy to grab with both hands, we have made it the perfect size for you. Large enough to warm both your hands, but light enough to be carried wherever you go! 0 chemicals, no electric charge; totally environment-friendly.

Your source of warmth. Enjoy goosebumps of pleasure.

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✔️No More Painful Frosty Hands

✔️Quick Heat (3 mins with 700W - 800W OR 2.5 mins with 1000W)

✔️Made From Premium, Food-Grade PP Material (Withstands 285°F)

✔️Long-Lasting; 131°F Up To 8 Hours

✔️Safe To Use. Non-Exploding, Non-Deforming, Odorless Material

✔️Inspection Technology Research Institute approved

✔️0 Chemicals. Relies On Polymer Structural Phase-Change For Heat Retention

✔️With Anti-Shock, Fall Protection Silicon Ring

✔️100% Environment Friendly (No More Lithium Charging)

✔️Can Be Re-Heated Over 1,000 TIMES


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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
David Stednitz
More than a simple hand warmer

Better than the pictures and more useful than described. This little gadget is way more than a simple hand warmer. The uses are endless. Just use your imagination. It's a replacement for messy gels like icy hot or can be used for hot rock therapy pain relief by simulating a heated rock. I could go on and on. I have 3 herniated disks in my lower back and when the pain becomes unbearable I simply place the warmer for the longest time suggested in the microwave and then use my back support belt as a way to keep the little warmer in place, directly over the area in pain and I get instant relief, rather than trying to smear that messy horrible smelling icy hot gel on the area in pain, which is usually located in my lower back region and the hardest place to try to reach without asking someone else for help. I also place it under my body in bed and move it around until I get it positioned under the area in pain and the heat helps reduce the pain so I can fall asleep and since I have owned one of these useful gadgets I have been able to get a full 8 hour night of sleep which was impossible before I had one because I was in so much pain that IF I could even fall asleep, I would constantly be woken up all night from the pain. So if the manufacturers of these hand warmers were to change the title and description of this product and added a list of potential uses, I believe that their sales would easily triple in a matter of months because everyone is looking for a alternative solution to pain relief.

Awesome and so hot!

After reading mixed reviews on just about all of these battery hand warmers I ordered a couple different ones and was not sure what to expect. This is actually my favorite one due to the shape, no need to wait for charging or problems with recharge and it gets INCREDIBLY hot. almost too hot to the touch, but that's good for when I am wearing thin gloves, it's hot enough to feel through my gloves. My thick gloves however (knit with fleece inside) I can't feel the heat through. Sometimes I'll just take off my gloves and hold the warmer inside my pocket with my bare hands for a quick heat up. I've only been using it for a few days and always re-heat it before it "runs out" so I'm not exactly sure how long the battery lasts but hope that it keeps working this well for a long time!

Riva Kupritz
Must have for people with cold hands!

This hand warmer is amazing! My hands are constantly cold and I've tried all sorts of products to help keep them warm but nothing has worked until now. With a couple minutes in the microwave, I have hours of warmth. The temperature control I get with this is very helpful - I use the longest heat when I'm outdoors for long periods of time and the lower settings when I'm indoors (e.g. sitting at my desk or in a cold movie theater). I've already given cozy hands as gifts to several cold-handed friends and family members and they're loving it as well. I hope Urban & Hawk comes out with a foot warmer next!


Haven't really gotten to use it as I just got it but holy canoli this thing is amazing! I cannot wait to use it this weekend to keep warm. It does get very warm so definitely as mentioned use fabric in between when you heat it to the max or better yet for any temperature. It's also a super cute color! Seriously love and I don't give 5 stars reviews like ever!
This is perfect for this frigid season we are coming upon!
Size is bigger than the palm of my hand.

Sandra L. Kapetanakis
Great for keeping hands warm.

I have Raynauds which affects circulation in both hands and feet. I need my hands warm especially in cold months. I have another set of hand warmers but want another set so I can have one set charging while using the other. I like that your warmers do not need to be recharged, they're easy to use and that the heat can be kinda played around with the microwave. I would've preferred it if it were even hotter because I can't feel a lot in my hands.