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Do you miss how blood flowing through your muscles felt, with the power and flushing sensations?

You don't deserve losing all your hard work, time, sweat, difficult diets and the continuous effort you put in even on unmotivated days' !

Stopping resistance-exercise causes muscle and bone loss within a few weeks (Berg et. al, 2007), which is the worst thing for your fitness journey!

You need to feel normal, maintaining your gym-level muscle strength, mass and not gaining fat at home! Now do that in very simple, but versatile steps:

The ultimate Complete Fitness trains your muscle fibers the same way as weights do, keeping you toned, so you feel comfortable and confident in your own body! Wanna add weights? Roll the high-tension fiber bands to create more resistance.

This quarantine has become more frustrating with health authorities considering gyms as the highest of risk-places and predicting taking up to 6 months to reopen.

Your new Complete Fitness is the new healthy way to live; not leaving who you are.

With the perfect symbiosis: high-resistance band and a gym-bar, boost your immune system, stay healthy, and come with a killer bod, out of quarantine into the summer!

Not a regular gym freak and always wanted to start somewhere fast and effective? Now's your chance to use your time productively and not feel the worst in this quarantine-life!

Dedicate Yourself. Live Healthy and Happy.

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✔️No More Muscle Loss

✔️Stay Toned At Home

✔️Adjustable Resistance

✔️Close & Wide Grip Options

✔️1.5" Foam Diameter

✔️Detachable Short Length For Traveling

✔️Extra-Comfortable Foam Pads & Handles

✔️Perfect Solution For Home Workouts

✔️Versatile: Do The Big 6 Workouts


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Michelle L.

I love this thing. I'm 42, out of shape, and in the last 2 years, I had 4 surgeries on my cervical, lumbar and sacral spine to straighten it from 50 degrees to less than 10 degrees. The last 2 surgeries (lumbar and sacral) were 7 mos ago. This keeps me from ever again doing hard-core cardio or weights (I never enjoyed that anyway). My spine is mostly titanium and it doesn't really bend or lift like a normal body. Throughout my physical therapy, my PT subtly introduced me to Pilates, eventually putting me on the reformer. This little bar/band setup wonderfully replicates most of the things I did in PT, from the stretches to the mat work to the reformer. I love it. I've always hated yoga, but this is a great way to do pilates in my own home, taking up very little space. As for the video, Urban & Hawk I think has actually the full video on their website, so I use that on my iPad or laptop. As I said, everything I did in physical therapy. There are also different levels of each exercise, from easier to really hard. I'm somewhere in the middle. I've only had this a couple of days, but it makes me feel great and like I'm really taking control and getting back in shape. I always hated working out but pilates is actually fun. Oh, and if I can do this 7 mos after 3 intense spine straightening surgeries, you can do it too.


WOW..I just received this pilates contraption today (Wednesday) and boy does this thing work for my injury. I have VERY tight hip flexors and within 5-10 minutes of using this thing i felt my hips and thighs opening up. I haven't even looked at the pdf yet. I just strapped my right leg on and started doing circular motions, fast and slow, left to right and i felt such a relief. A relief i have not felt in months. I tried doing stretches i found on youtube but i found it difficult to do by myself especially since my hips are weak and i am in so much pain but this device made it easy to lift the problem leg.

I am looking forward to seeing the pdf and doing different workouts with this device. I HIGHLY recommend this pilates device you wont regret it.

P.S. I am not affiliated in any way with this company or paid to write a review. Im just very happy i found something that works and i usually don't leave reviews but i felt i had to share for anyone out there with tight hip flexors. ENJOY.

D. Young
Day 1 of the gym closing: can't even do pullups at home...

Y'all better be fit when this pandemic ends!
Be like D. Young and use this fitness band device for your workouts for that big ass!

These resistance can maintain my muscle mass for months, and when the gyms reopen, I can use these for traveling!!

Summer is getting pretty serious out there. Stay safe and stay at home, people! :)


This product comes with the bands. Apparently that is the standard as I cannot find them any longer. This limits what can be done with this product for somebody over 5'10" or 5'11". At 6'1", i cannot perform most of the overhead exercises in full range. This is a great product if you are average to above average height but for taller men, it would be nice to see them offer 40 and 46 inch bands as an option.

Legal Eagle

If you use regular work out bands, then this bar makes a huge difference in increasing the repertoire of exercises you can perform including lat pull downs, rows, chest press etc. The bar is solidly made. It is not some flimsy plastic tube. My biggest complaint about working with bands that use carabiner style clips is that the carabiners often get caught up with your clothing or rub up against you during exercises which is extremely annoying. My favorite thing about using the complete fitness is that the clips and the bands are away from your body and all you have to focus on is the movement itself. It makes the workout at home almost the same (if not better) than doing it at the gym. If you use any kind of work out band with clips, this fitness bar is a no-brainer and frankly should be a must-have