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Do you get twitchy on flights? Restless legs? Cold feet? Have no budget for first class with fancy footrests and beds?

As airplane seats and surrounding spaces shrink from square feet to square inches, any help getting comfortable becomes necessary!

If your legs always get numb, then you need the 1st class foot-system!

Just hang your soft Comfy Hanger on the food-tray and pop your feet inside. Adjust the length to fit behind your calves or under your feet. It will erase all the fatigue from your body!

Testing of the durable Comfy Hanger shows very minimal disturbance to the passenger in front and with the extra comfort, you wouldn't need to lean your seat back. More room for the person behind!

Now you can finally sleep well on flights and watch movies as you do at home.

Experience first class in coach with your Comfy Hanger!

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What People Say:



✔️Ultra-Soft Memory Foam For Comfort

✔️Highly Adjustable Length (Almost till the Ground)

✔️Easy To Use

✔️Lightweight (2oz/60g)

✔️Compact Carry On (10 Inch x 3 Inch/25cm x 8cm)

✔️Perfect for Numb/Restless Legs

✔️Car Backseat Usage



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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews

I brought it for my husband, my 2 daughters, and in-laws. They all loved it! Also, they got my hint of us having a family vacation, we're now planning for a trip together next summer! This thing got the conversation going so I'm glad of that!

Till now I've used it once for a short flight and was able to fall asleep using this footrest. I was startled awake by the announcements every so often, but other than those interruptions, I felt quite comfortable. Having my feet elevated proved conducive to getting some rest!


Most of my flights are 10-12 hours long, and staying comfortable is constant a struggle. Generally, I rest my feet on the bag under the seat in front of me. I recently tried out my Comfy Hanger on a couple shorter flights (3 hours each) and was pleasantly surprised by how much more comfortable I felt.

On one of the flights, I was seated in the middle seat. The footrest was completely unobtrusive to my surrounding passengers. The adjustable straps easily fit around the arms of the tray table of the seat in front of me. I kept the tray table up most of the time, and rested my feet flat with my knees bent.

For the return flight, I adjusted the length as one would adjust the strap on a backpack, and slid the footrest behind my calves, elevating my legs. It felt as if I were sitting in a recliner with my feet raised.

I highly recommend trying this product, as it makes a ride in coach feel like first class. Additionally, I am purchasing one for my mother to use when she flies. I washed the footrest and its carrying bag in the washing machine and let them air dry. Both remained in excellent condition.


This has probably been the most useful travel item I've ever bought. Better than foot rests that collapse and disappears into the nether regions under and around the bottom of he seat, this sling stays in place I am less than 5'2"and usually experience leg discomfort because my legs don't touch the floor enough for them to be able to completely relax. The picture on the ad shows someone with their legs stretched out completely. I couldn't get into this position myself because the area around airplane seat is just too tight, and the seat in front of me was too close to the floor.

But this footrest-sling comfy hanger design enabled me to basically bring the floor up to a comfortable level, and was soft and adjustable. Experiment to find out if it will work for you. It will move forward up to 90 degrees (straight ahead) if the seat in front of you permits.

BE AWARE: Take your legs or feet off of the sling before lowering your tray table since the added weight of your legs will pretty severely jerk the seat in front of you. In that particular instance for me, the seat directly in front of me was empty, but the passengers on either side were also effected. After becoming embarrassed, and apologizing profusely, the passengers in front of me (on the sides) smiled and forgot it. I learned my lesson. It's simple physics, but I didn't think it through at the time.

I'm very happy with this purchase.


It's good. The only issue I ran into was adjusting the straps to allow my feet to lounge like the advertised picture. I guess it just depends on the recline angle of your airline. I wasn't able to lounge with the hammock above the back of my ankles. I also flew a Japanese airline and they had a hammock built in already so I didn't need to use this footrest.


This saved me on my first international flight (10+ hrs). It was nice to be able to put my feet up, turn my legs to the side and have them supported, or just have one foot in, whatever. I tried this out after a few hours and slooooowly put my feet into it so I didn't bother the person sitting in front of me.
I am 5'5 and it worked perfectly for my height but not sure how it would do for anyone taller.