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Do you feel restless when seated on the airplane or the office chair?

Frequent travelers & office goers have started using the Comfy Cushion; ergonomically designed for lumbar support, it keeps your spine aligned in travels or at work.

It's snuggly, light & compact, and you can hold it in any position you want; hug it, put it in your car or take it to your office.

With its far more elegant method to fill up air, inflating the cushion is just a few press away! All you have to do is remove the stopper and press on the button.

There's no air-blowing required, so you won't run out of breath and the Comfy Cushion is much more hygienic.

Fly your coach flights in business class' comfort and say goodbye to back problems at work!

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✔️Premium Comfort-Quality

✔️Excellent For Lumbar Support

✔️Precise Spinal Curvature

✔️Air-Pump Button 

✔️No Mouth Blowing Required



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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews

I just returned from vacation from a Trans-Atlantic trip yesterday, so I had the opportunity to use this pillow throughout the trip.
At first I thought I might not have enough legroom or buttroom on my airplane seat with this pillow. Then I saw someone in the reviews mentioned about inflating it only to like 80 or 90%, and that worked well for me!
I tried inflating only up to 80%, and it adjusted naturally with my lowerback, then I had no troubles with legroom and did not fall short of having space on my seat.


My husband had frequent migraines that were partially brought on by siting in an office chair for long periods of time. I bought him this pillow for Christmas, and while i will not say it is a cure, it has helped tremendously. The pillow forces him to sit up more and correcting his posture has alleviated the pain in his back and reduced his migraines significantly. The rest we attribute to dealing with a high stress job, and while the pillow is great for back relief, a miracle worker it is not. Thanks for an amazing product!


I liked it so much, that I have ordered one to be shipped to my close friend of over 50 years who will be undergoing major surgery and will undoubtedly find it uncomfortable to sit up for a good while afterwards. I plan to order a few more to have around as gifts for other friends who have painful spinal issues.

What happened was that I was steered to this pillow by a friend. From the illustration, it looks over-inflated. I saw someone else also put a review about using it on full inflation, and I thought about trying with lesser instead. When it arrived, and I inflated it with a few press(es), it felt oh, so comfortable on the small of my back, though still floppy, but a little too firm. So, I deflated it and re-inflated it with lesser pumps, and it was perfect! When it is all floppy and hardly looks worthy of the job, it is at its very best, because the air pockets re-distribute themselves to conform to your body. That feature is the source of the soothing comfort that it provides, as opposed to pre-formed foam cushions. The small, foldable package is another great feature that enables me to pack it in a carry-on bag for travel (there's a picture for comparison, with a banana, with the Comfy Cushion inside the pouch). I like to move the pillow around with me, and so far, it has stayed in place.


We were heading out for a cross-world trip to Thailand from Las Vegas, NV (USA).
I use it as a back rest on the plane and a camping pillow. Its small and high quality - does not leak. It is fine inside the hood of a mummy sleeping bag, but if you need to zip up and move it under the bag, the pillow can slide around. I have a small camping pillow sack I will take next time.

I really like the fabric feel I haven't tried this shops other traveling products yet, but seems more like a soft neoprene.


Most lumbar supports are stiff and do not conform to the support I need for my lumbar area. They are also too big-I only need a small amount of support to fill in the area where I need it the most. The inflation allows me to adjust the support exactly the way I need it to. My only problem is that it doesn't come with a strap to tie it to the seat, but that doesn’t take away from it’s good function.