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You deserve to be comfortable while watching movies & videos on your phone.

Don't your eyes get tired & strained of watching movies on a phone screen?

Every time you reach out to your phone to watch your favorite series, do you get reminded that excessive screen-time can cause repercussions to your vision?

A recent survey showed that across the globe, 67% of people favor mobile as their main platform to watch movies & videos!

Cine X Screen is a screen enlarger that magnifies your screen 2-3 times to avoid visual fatigue & discomfort which will be caused when you're focusing on a small screen for an extended period of time!

It comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker for you to experience high-definition stereo sound, just as you're in a cinema!

Have you ever wondered how much damage the light emitted from your phone can cause to your eyes?

With its 12 inches HD blue-light Fresnel lens screen display, you & your loved ones will have a comfortable movie experience without harming your eyes!

It also acts as a power bank where you can charge your phone while watching a movie or for emergencies!

It is lightweight, portable & foldable too! Perfect for traveling, business trips, on the go or camping!

It's a great gift for the elderly and children to show that you care for their vision & for a better cinematic experience! 

Bigger Is Always Better!

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✔️Magnifies The Screen 2-3 times Bigger

✔️12" HD Blue-Light Fresnel Lens Screen Display

✔️Avoids Visual Fatigue & Discomfort

✔️Built-in Bluetooth Speaker With HD Stereo Sound

✔️2 Charging Method

✔️Lightweight, Portable, Foldable

✔️Great Gift Idea



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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
A great use for a large group!

A great use for a large group activity. I am a teacher and when I need to show a quick education clip, I turn on my Bluetooth, place my phone and voila all my kids can see the short video. I can turn up the volume that the kids can hear and it’s easy to change videos without unhooking and plugging anything back. The great thing is it’s easy to use without all the hassle of setting up and don’t have to use the “menu” button to get it started. A great way to enhance a video if a tv is not around. We will definitely take this with us when we go camping.

Easy to use.

This magnifier is unique. The kids and i have been using this when we are in the car. They use it in there rooms when watching videos on there phone. All around great to use.

My daughter uses this everyday!

Got this product for my daughter who likes to watch videos on her phone. It's a pretty cool inexpensive gift. It works great in the car and when she is sitting at her desk. It isn't expected to be projector like so it doesn't create a super full screen, but it really does magnify the phone image quite a bit. The speaker is probably the best part making videos way louder than phone volume. My daughter likes just using it to play music with. For the price, you can't expect it to be compared to a tablet or tv, but a cheap way to magnify the screen and amplify the sound of a small phone screen. I would recommend this product.

Fairly easy to get it working

Purchased this with the little nephews in mind. They are total rock starts waiting patiently as the grown ups work on remodel, and often times arguments ensue due to the age old question of "who will hold the phone while we watch cartoons"
This device is basically like a magnifying glass for your phone's screen. Set up is simple with in snapping the phone holding arm, and slide the sturdy screen into base with speaker. You can charge it and take it on the go as opposed to staying plugged in to power source. Speaker puts out good volume considering small size and with reasonable price, don't worry too much about letting the boys play with it.

Magnified Viewing Gone Wild 💗

This is EXACTLY what was needed for my nightly books and it's even more perfect for watching YouTube videos. I found out about the YouTube part after I discovered our son had linked his Bluetooth (don't ask me how he knew to do that 🤦🏻‍♀️) and was using this to watch 'his shows'. At this point I'm unsure if it's actually mine or his now, but we're definitely sharing it. I couldn't be happier! It came with everything needed to get started and setting up was a breeze. Very happy with this purchase 💗😍