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Having a baby is the most precious gift you can receive in life! Their chubby little feet and hands leave and hold the biggest prints in your heart forever.

Doesn't the first few months fly by where your newborn grows up to be a toddler in a blink of an eye, their childhood may be slipping through your fingers? Aren't they growing up too fast?

Create lasting moments by preserving your little ones' first moments with the Chubby Bean Prints!

The kit uses clay to capture those adorable tiny hand and footprints for a keepsake, a great way for you to remember how little and incredible they are!

We made sure all products that come in contact with your baby is 100% baby safe and Chubby Bean Prints comes with top quality materials, to give you the best experience as we know this keepsake will be one of the most important memories for your family.

It also comes in an amazing quality tin box with a dust cover and display stand, so you can display your beautifully decorated keepsake in your home and keep it away from dust! 

There may be countless "lasts" and you can't pause time, but you can create lasting memories. You can also write a message for your child and put it into the lanugo bottle for them to read in the future, like a time-capsule!

The outcome of this kit creates a keepsake that will be cherished by you and your child as they grow up!

It's a perfect baby shower gift for new and current parents and a great family bonding activity! You can get multiple to keep track of every stage of your child's childhood or use it on your fur babies too!  

Creating Memories That Last A Lifetime!

What's included in this kit:

Tin Box x1, Decorative Pieces, Display Stand x1, Dust Cover x1, Gold Paint x1, Paint Brush x1, Lanugo Bottle x1, Time Capsule x1, Manual x1, Baby-Safe Clay x1, Paper Bag x1, Set of Tools x1

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✔️Lasting Keepsake of Your Baby's Firsts

✔️High Quality & Baby Safe Clay

✔️Absolutely No Mess

✔️Various Decorative Pieces For a Unique Designed Keepsake

✔️Preserve Precious Moments

✔️Great Family Bonding Activity

✔️Adorable Packaging Included 

✔️Perfect Personalized & Thoughtful Baby Shower Gift



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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
CoCo's Mom
Perfect for babies, children and pets

This babyprints impression kit and keepsake tin is so sweet. Families with newborns or grandparents with newborns will love this keepsake. It comes with an easel, so after you get the prints, you can display them on the easel in a place of honor over the holidays or year-round. Make sure you follow the directions. The media can be tricky but can also be reworked. The media dries quickly and then you are ready for your little bumpkin's prints to be displayed. In order for it to fit the tin, you will need to use the tin to remove the excess media so that it will fit in the tin afterwards. You can even use this for petprints, if you can get them let you stick their paw on and press it enough to make the indentation. It will take a few days to dry and voila - precious family moments memoralized for all time.

Samantha Lopez
Easy and amazing!

Perfect idea to keep keepsakes of your baby’s handprints or footprints! So easy and I love them!

Not Just for Infants - Why We Use This for Our 3 and 5 Year Olds Too

This is not just for newborns. We have been using molds like this one as keepsakes to track the growth of our 3 and 5 year old by making hand and foot impressions at first and, now that they are older, just hand prints. We have them all hanging in the hallway entrance (it’s an alcove type entrance) to the playroom. I really love this kit.

First, this kit was a lot easier to use than many of the kits we’ve gotten in the past. Second, it does a great job of capturing their little handprints. I did the 3 year old’s with this one and will be ordering a second one for the 5 year old (I did put her hand above it to make sure it will fit and it will, although she’s very petite and tiny). A lot of the kits on the market aren’t large enough to accommodate the girls’ hands. This one has plenty of room, which is a huge plus for us because it means we can return to this brand and product the next time we make a handprint with them to show the progress of their growth.

One word of advice... Don’t push in too hard. If you do the area that is pressed in will be too thin and therefore too fragile and you don’t want something this precious breaking. Just gently press the hand (and foot if you’re doing both) into the material. Definitely an adorable keepsake and a unique way to track growth if you don’t want to be marking lines in doorways or move to frequently to do so.

G. Hearn
Very easy and makes for a nice keepsake

This is a very nice keepsake for you or anyone else that would like a memory of a babies hand or footprint. The instructions are easy to follow and it also easy to do. Everything needed is included except a piece of aluminum foil and a roller. They suggest using an aerosol can as a roller because it is likely something you already have in your home. All you do is knead the material, roll it out, wet the foot or hand you want a print of, press foot into material, press can on top to cut off excess material and, let dry, place square material in can, display on the stand, and enjoy! Note that if you make a mistake pressing babies foot into the clay then you can knead and roll out the material again, but this is assuming you have not let the material dry.


no mixing mess, just a "clay" ball that you roll flat and impress baby's hands/feet into it and let it dry for 48 hours. great purchase!