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It's a dream to have the perfect cooling system in a laptop, screen always at eye-level and your laptop's base adapting to your wrists angle. That would feel productive, comfortable and increase motivation to work!

Unfortunately, most laptop stands are too big, heavy and bulky, look ugly, and can't be taken anywhere. Anyone should feel uninterested investing in something like that!

The perfect laptop stand's easy to carry everywhere, give you the ergonomic typing position and bring your screen to eye-level for better posture. You need it to feel comfortable, ready to work anywhere, and feel positive!

The easiest-to-use ChopStands is not just the best laptop stand; it's a compliment to your style in a truly unique way never possible before. It will become your go-to setup and be the best care for you.

Make a statement with the (MacBook-standard) extremely lightweight aluminum-made ChopStands and work from anywhere you are, without any discrimination for laptop size!

At 6 different elevation eye-levels and ergonomic wrist positions, it just feels right! Video calls have never been better.

The unique chopsticks-design makes it easy to fold n fit anywhere, to be taken on any flight or to any cafe, always ready to watch a movie like it's meant to be watched or work anywhere you need to!

Work From Anywhere. Feel Productive.

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✔️Extremely Portable & Sleek Chopsticks Design

✔️Fits According To Your Laptop Or MacBook Size & Needs

✔️6 Different Height Adjustment Levels/Ergonomic Angles

✔️No More Back, Neck & Wrist Pain

✔️Made From Lightweight Durable Aluminum (Holds upto 35 lbs)

✔️Free Faux-Velvet Drawstring Pouch

✔️Perfect For Cafes or Traveling

✔️MacBook-Style Unique Design & Quality

✔️Intuitive & Simple Set-Up For All Surfaces


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Rajesh Vasanth
Keeps laptop from overheating& makes it easy working on laptop at an angle that doesn’t hurt my neck

ChopStands is by far the best laptop stand in the market today. the laptop stand is made of durable light weight plastic/aluminum material. It is designed to stand the test of time and it can sustain above 10lbs. I bought it for my DELL XPS15 and it held firm and rigid . I will highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a laptop stand that improve computing and makes typing quite easier. I work in the IT field and i tend to be on my computer for an extended amount of time and my job requires travelling using my computer while i commute. ChopStands have improved the quality of my computing and i cannot imagine traveling without having it tucked in the included carrying pouch. Also, it works well with my Galaxy Tab as a support stand. Also i observed since i have been using it , my laptop have been less noisier and more cooler than before because there is a better air flow with the laptop stand unlike a flat surface that traps hot air
- This product is of high quality and very durable
- It can be adjusted to various altitude and orientation based on your preference
-The laptop stand is light weight and has carrying case for transportation
-It reduces the hot air trapped below your laptop (big plus)
-The product is relatively inexpensive
I will strongly recommend this product to anyone that is looking for an affordable laptop stand that does not break the bank and gets the job done.

Sweet, simple, and straight to the point.

This stand makes my new work-from-home setup SO much better. I absolutely recommend it!

Using a 15" MacBook Pro.

Every Day I Use This I Get Fewer Headaches

I have to give this five stars because I use it every day. I think it has helped me from getting headaches from my neck straining while on the computer. It can be easily folded to travel and it comes with a small pouch that I find very helpful when traveling. It adjusts to six different heights not including flat. I have it on one of the two mid-range heights and that's a good angle for me to type and look at the computer screen. It's not perfect, though, and I thought twice about giving it five stars because the metal "hooks" and the rubber protects the laptop from getting scratched but doesn't always keep it from slipping at the highest height if I'm gaming and pressing the keys hard and fast. A quick fix for me was to attach thick rubber bands on the hooks and that works well. I do like the sturdiness, the material, and the smooth machining of the aluminum along with the portability in the design and material used. I hope this review was helpful.

Kori R
Perfect for students

I've had this stand for about a week now and I'm really enjoying it. I'm a college student who spends a lot of time on my laptop and desktop and I was tired of hunching over my laptop while doing work so I purchased this. It prevents neck and shoulder pain while freeing some space on my desk. I recommend buying an external keyboard to use with this but it just comes down to preference. This little thing is very sturdy and well made and comes in nice carrying case. This works perfectly for my 13' MacBook Pro and also works for holding books! Highly recommend.

Audencio Q Cabaldon Jr
WIsh I got this sooner!

No more neck/eye strain! What's not to like? Portable. Practical. Adjustable. And shiney! With carrying case, to boot! Get it or continue to feel the pain! LOL