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It's a dream to have the perfect cooling system in a laptop, always at eye-level and your laptop's base changing shape according to your wrists. That would feel productive, comfortable and provide motivation to work!

Frustratingly, laptops are flat, they heat up, and their body-level is fixed in a painful position. Makes your neck, wrists and back feel extreme uncomfortable!

Studies show that strain on neck and eye due to poor (laptop) levels can cause long-term posture problems. That is absolutely scary!

The perfect laptop stand's what you can carry anywhere, ventilate your laptop, give you the ergonomic typing position and bring your screen to eye-level for better posture. You need it to feel comfortable, ready to work anywhere, and feel positive!

The all-in-one ChopStands is not just the best laptop stand; it's a compliment to your style in a truly unique way never possible before. It will fill you up with excitement and be the best care for you.

Most laptop stands are too bulky, look ugly, can't be taken anywhere, block ventilation and don't solve the wrist problem. Anyone should feel disgust investing in something like that!

Now make a statement with the MacBook-aluminum-body ChopStands and increase your laptop's battery life and performance, without any discrimination for laptop size or Windows/Mac make. It just feels right!

The unique chopsticks-design makes it easy to fit anywhere, to be taken on any flight or to any cafe, always ready to watch a movie like it's meant to be watched or work anywhere you need to!

Work From Anywhere. Feel Productive.

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✔️No More Back, Neck & Wrist Pain

✔️Extremely Portable & Sleek Chopsticks Design

✔️Fits According To Your Laptop Or MacBook Size & Needs

✔️6 Different Height Adjustment Levels/Ergonomic Angles

✔️Made From Lightweight Durable Aluminum (Holds upto 35 lbs)

✔️Free Faux-Velvet Drawstring Pouch

✔️Perfect For Cafes or Traveling

✔️MacBook-Style Unique Design & Quality

✔️Intuitive & Simple Set-Up For All Surfaces


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Keeps laptop from overheating& makes it easy working on laptop at an angle that doesn’t hurt my neck
Sweet, simple, and straight to the point.
Every Day I Use This I Get Fewer Headaches
Perfect for students
WIsh I got this sooner!