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As you already know, capos are essential to transpose keys for easy playing, allowing guitarists to play songs in the same pattern but in different keys. 

On the other hand, tuners are vital in keeping your guitar finely-tuned to bring out its full potential, as even the slightest off note can derail an otherwise excellent performance.

Instead of packing both devices into your already cluttered guitar pouch, wouldn't your guitar lessons or jamming sessions be much less of a hassle if there's a simple device that has both functions existed...? 

You can now enjoy both features with ease using the Catuponer, a genius combination of both the capo and a clip-on tuner that you wished you knew earlier! 

It has 3 interchangeable tuning settings: the Chromatic Tuning, Standard Tuning (EADGBE), and Bass Tuning, which you can switch between easily by pressing the "Item" button.

The chromatic tuner setting allows you to tune your guitar to your desired chords even with your capo attached to it, as it tunes your guitar to the nearest semi-note in the chromatic scale. 

As its name implies, the standard tuning allows you to tune your guitar to the standard EADGBE notes; whereas the bass tuning allows you to tune bass guitars specifically.

Both features require you to clip it to your guitar's headstock while tuning your guitar, so it doesn't come in contact with the strings or pegs.

Besides the standard A440 hertz tuning, the Catuponer also has a selection of different audio frequencies, ranging from A430-A450 Hz for you to tune to by pressing the A4 button. 

Allowing you to tune your guitar perfectly in sync with other instruments to produce a pleasing melodic resonance!

Express Yourself Through (Finely-Tuned) Music!

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✔️2-in-1 Capo+Tuner 

✔️Perfect For Both Beginners & Experts  

✔️3 Interchangeable Tuning Settings (Chromatic, Standard & Bass)

✔️Tunable to Audio Frequencies Of A430-A450 Hz 

✔️Clear LED Screen Display 

✔️Soft Rubber Clips On Capo to Prevent Damage

✔️Sturdy Design For Longer Usage Period 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Salvador Rincón

Extremely accurate. Tight fit on the neck which means no string buzz, tune on the fly in any fret position. Love it

Taurean Moore

Worked as intended. Easy to use on both electric and acoustic guitars.

Pablo Agosto

I have 20 different stringed instruments and play a wide variety of tunings with 50 years experience . I wish I would have invented this awesome product!

Cornelius Romaguera

Really good capo and tuner.. would totally recommend

José Saavedra

The screen is bright and clear, the display stable and precise, and tuning is a much quicker process for me now.