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You are entitled to feel safe & secure in your own home.

Are you worried about burglars and thieves breaking into your house?

Imagine you're in a deep sleep one day, you woke up & found out your valuables are stolen! Isn't that devastating & doesn't it frustrates you?

Casa Alert is a Do-It-Yourself home security system where it uses a magnetic sensor to detect entries & it comes with 2 in a set!

Most burglars & thieves break-in through windows & doors, with a 120dB alarm, Casa Alert will help scare the intruders, wake or alert you & your neighbors!


It’s great to be used as an entry warning for homes because it protects your family & yourself from any invasion or danger!

You can now be at peace while sleeping at night without worrying about any break-ins.

It has a 3-steps easy installation & mounted by a strong adhesive, anyone can easily install it!

You can apply it on your front doors, windows, garage, room doors & back doors! 

You can also have peace of mind while doing your things around your house during the day, as you will know when someone opens your door or window!

Safety & Peace of Mind For You & Your Family!


How Does It Work:


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✔️120dB Alarm (Comes in 2)

✔️Magnetic Sensor

✔️Easy Installation 

✔️Mounted By An Adhesive

✔️Prevents Burglaries

✔️Protects Your Family & Yourself

✔️Great "Entry Warning" Tool


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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Diane D
Cheap & Work

The price is right on these little alarms. Loud enough that it would wake me. I secured some with extra packing tape because I was concerned they might fall off since they are close to windows where there is more moisture. The key is to try the alarm and side piece together before you tape them on- some require to be up a little higher to turn off the alarm. They come already with batteries and you just have to pull the tape out. I'll just buy again when the batteries wear out.

Works Great

I used this product for three entryways and windows. Word of advice stock up in batteries or get rechargeable AAA’s. When installing I would suggest turning them on , the pattern wave must match the buzzing will turn off and you know you placed it right. If you do not do this and let’s say there is a gap or ledge it will stay on and you will need to position them again. It has strong adherence if you don’t keep taking them off.

Dislike the amount of batteries to run them all however I am very secure about being alarmed if a break in; the noise alone will run anyone off. . It is tricky on sliding patio doors I have yet to decide location using the side for me is impossible although after much consternation I think optimal placing would be at the top of the sliding doors. I am considering purchasing two more sets one for my son and his family, my daughter and hers. This would be an awesome loving gift of safety.

I love these things!

It took me a minute to figure out how the pieces go together. Black button on the left, magnet on the right. Then I held them in my hands with the alarm on and moved them up and down until the alarm turned off. Once I knew the placement of the magnet, I put them up against the door frame and door and moved them closer together until the alarm turned off again. Then I just stuck them right there. I put them on all my doors, sliding glass door, and windows and it was pretty quick once I got the hang of it. The alarm is plenty loud enough it would wake you up and definitely scare a burglar. My neighbor's dogs were barking like crazy as I was setting them up with the alarm on, so I think they are loud enough. They all work beautifully and I am very happy with this purchase. I am a real person and received no discount or compensation for this review.

Dennis Blankenship
I Highly Recommend Thesr

They really work and they are loud enough to hear if someone opens your door.

Great Value

I have been looking all over for something just like this. I used to have simply safe for security; however, it just became out of my budget to keep. I wanted to get something similar to put on the entry ways without the monthly fee. These were perfect!