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Annoyed with all the bottle caps around your kitchen counter?

Cap Catcher is a magnetic bottle opener that can be magnetically mounted or wall-mounted!

It has a rubber padding at the back so that you can magnetically mount it on any metal surfaces without damaging the surfaces!

It is made from nickel-zinc alloy & has a very strong built-in magnet which allows it to catch up to 30 (TBC) bottle caps, be it alcoholic or non-alcoholic bottle caps! 

The magnet is so strong that it won’t budge or slide from the mounting surface when force is applied! Great for one-handed operation.

It’s a great tool to be used during parties or gatherings as it will hold all the caps in one place & making it easier to clean after a party or gathering!

Despite it being prominently displayed, it is a stylish, cool tool & it compliments any kitchens, bars or restaurants!

This Cap Catcher is a great conversation starter because it will be the center of attention & people are actually amazed when they see it!

It can also be a gift that can never go wrong! Perfect gift for anyone, especially beer lovers or beer connoisseurs in your circle!

Drinking Made Fun & Easy!

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✔️Holds Up to 30 Bottle Caps (TBC)

✔️Works Both Ways: Wall Or Magnetically Mounted

✔️Rubber Padding to Prevent Damages on Surfaces 

✔️Strong Built-In Magnets 

✔️Made From High-Quality Nickle-Zinc Alloy

✔️One-Hand Operation

✔️Great Gift Idea


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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
My favorite bottle opener ever!

Love it, love it! Actually I gave these as gifts this past Christmas to all the men in the family... and we loved it so much, I had to have one myself. It is super looking; my wood piece is a little lighter in color than the one shown, but with nice darker wood grain. We have ours on the side of the fridge, so I did not install or use the screws that were enclosed. It did, however, have tiny little rubber feet to stick on the back to protect the surface. The magnet is so strong, it takes 2 hands to pull it off. And the bottle can literally hold one a few inches away and feel the pull!. Great gadget, and of all I will no longer have a drawer full of bottle caps, as my family opens the bottle over the drawer and lets it drop in. And they are convinced I want to save all those caps! get one of these fun openers! And I got NO discount or freebies on this item.

Awesome as a gift

I bought this for my brother in law for his birthday. Of course, I tried to open a few beers before gifting it, just to make sure this stuff works as advertised. Just attached it to my fridge and SURPRISE, the magnet that holds this thing to the fridge is very strong and the magnet that catches the caps is also incredibly strong.

The wood is very nice and looks much more expensive than what I paid for. The back is padded with soft rubber, so you don't risk scratching your refrigerator. As a bonus, it also comes in a nice box.

Overall, this was a great gift for everyone in the house, including me 🙂.

Very cool and well worth the money!

Super strong magnets, super cool bottle opener.

As a mil family we will be selling our house in 3 years so I prefer to put as few holes as possible in the walls. I chose this opener because it can be put on the fridge and crossed my fingers it actually works. Y’all these magnets are STRONG. My husband wasn’t expecting the strength and kinda pinched his finger 😂. It works perfectly and is way cooler than I honestly expected. I’ve spent the last couple of days taking off the bottle caps and tossing it back at it just to watch it snag the caps out of the air.

Beer drinkers dream come true! 🍺

I bought two, one for me and one as a birthday gift for my brother. He said it was his favourite gift! He started to use it right away during the party and it worked perfectly. I would definitely buy this cool magnetic wall mounted bottle opener again for my beer lovers friends, for the upcoming Christmas season. It makes a fun present idea for office Secret Santa too. You can't go wrong with this gift. I can't recommend it enough!

Great gift!

Got this as a gift for my husband and honestly didn’t expect the magnets to be so strong! It stays put on the fridge and catches & holds A LOT of caps!