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Workouts should be energizing, uplifting, allowing you to breathe better and feel fresher!

Most Neanderthals don't clean their sweat off the bench, drench it and ravage it! At home, you don't wanna create a mess, nor do you wanna get distracted by sweat dripping down your nose during your focused-sets!

You need a towel to help you distinguish between which side you put on the equipment and which side will wipe your precious face when you break a sweat.

Buddy Towel saves fitness enthusiasts by maximizing their workouts that go beyond being clean and sweat-free. It's a towel with a purpose. Keep all your things safely with you; your sanitizer, keys, card, & phone!

Most gym towels are used Barbarically, washed and presented back to you. Do you trust the safety and cleanliness of towels used thousands of times before you?

Your personal Buddy Towel is designed to fix on gym benches, making sure the side you wipe your face with remains only for you. With its new magnet support, now stick it to equipment you're using and claim ownership.

Use your phone comfortably between sets and change the music as you like. Say goodbye to putting your towel on the floor and to risking your phone being crushed by weights!

Feel Clean and Stay Safe.

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✔️No More Reused Towels, Confused Face/Bench Sides, Towels on the Floor

✔️Personal Towel For Home & Gym Workouts

✔️Bench-Covering Anti-Slip Design For Comfort

✔️Magnet Support To Hang on Equipment You Use

✔️Dimensions: 2'11" (88cm) × 1'4" (41cm)

✔️Large Pocket: Store Your Keys, Cards, Phones, Sanitizers

✔️Highly Absorbent Material: Cotton Blend

✔️Mesh Section for Phone, Keychain Hook, Vegan PU Leather Magnet

Note: Hand-wash below 104°F (40°C), without bleaching agent.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Sylvain Harent

So i use it every time i go to the gym and the towel is still perfect, love the size (i wanted bigger when i received it but it's the perfect size), lovely quality, and the magnet and the pocket are really useful ! love this product !

what's next?? :)

The towel I didn't know I needed!

I go to the gym with very minimal items. My wallet, a waterbottle, and a phone as well as extra clothes which goes in my locker. I purchased this after a friend at the gym told me about it. I didn't really know how useful it would be. It's not too big, but it has a lot of capabilities. This is not to wash yourself off after a shower it's to wipe the sweat off your face or body. It has a magnet so it will hang off the side of almost any machine and if you put it in the right position it is much more sanitary than just wrapping the towel over any bar or leaving it on the floor. There is also a pocket in it for your phone I like it so far. It's definitely better than a regular towel and it's quite absorbent. I can't think of any way this could be better.

Best, purpose built gym towel

Really nice gym towel. The top flap and pocket manages to stay hooked on the back of each seat in the gym, and the magnet can help it stay in place in any other situation. It also ended up being thicker and more absorbent than I was expecting. Overall great design and the material used to carry out the design, adds to the level of satisfaction gained by using the right tool for the job.

Quality gym towel

Not sure why the other reviewer left a three star review. The dimensions are clearly stated. This is a wonderful gym towel.. it's the size you'd expect... a gym towel to be! It's very soft and absorbent. It dries very quickly. It doesn't leave loose fabric like some bathroom hand towels might when you wipe off sweat. It looks fantastic. I bought two packs and will buy a few more to keep the home gym stocked.

Long Lifespan - Top Quality - Classy Towel for Gym because...

Who does not know, in the gym the towel always slips off the equipment. You constantly put your smartphone or other items on the equipment or the floor and forget about them. Ever since I got the Buddy Towel, these problems have gone. I was one of the first to buy the first Buddy Towel a year ago - and yes it lasted for so long! After this long time, the magnet has now said goodbye on a wash. It was right for me that I would buy a new Buddy Towel right away because the first one more than met my expectations.

Here's why I loved it:

The Buddy Towel looks great and also feels very high in quality. With the “hood” I can hang it comfortably over any equipment in my gym without slipping. Once I'm on a cable pull or in the free weight area, I can hang the towel on a metal object thanks to its strong magnet (even with stuff in the zipper pocket). So I don't have to put it on the floor, the towel that I use to wipe over my face during training. Last but not least, the Buddy Towel has a bag that can be opened and closed with a zipper. Here I can comfortably fit gloves, a mobile phone or keys.
This towel also has an extremely long service life. My last Buddy Towel lasted me for a year in intensive use (at least 4X a week).

Here's what I found negative:

There's actually nothing! The price with this service life is justified in my view.

My conclusion

This towel makes everyday training immensely easier. I don't forget anything near the equipment anymore, my towel no longer slips from the seat and besides, it's more hygienic because I don't have to put the towel on the floor during exercises, but I can easily clip the magnet somewhere. Particularly fascinating is the above-average lifespan of the towel (my old Buddy Towel has lasted 5 years with intensive use)!

I fully recommend this product!