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Bouncing Aliens

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Do you ever worry about how your dog feels when you’re gone?

Pet-dogs experience psychological loneliness when they’re stripped of social interaction at home/alone.

The Bouncing Aliens are a unique toy designed to play with your dog in your stead! It bounces & squeaks keeping your dogs stimulated & entertained after you’re gone!

The Bouncing Aliens bounce around the house while your dog chases it happily. Your dog might even bark at it playfully thinking the aliens are real!

Now your good doggie will wiggle its tail when you leave, instead of longing for you at the doorstep!

Never worry about neglecting your dog again.

Live smart. Love smart.

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✔️Auto-Bounce & Squeak Technology

✔️Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic Material

✔️Dog's Instinct Stimulator

✔️Smart Design

✔️Easy To Operate



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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Value for money

When I throw this toy, Rocco knows that it is time to play, he loves it, it is made of good material resists his bites, I loved buying this for my pet and the best is THE PRICE!

Still trying to kill it

Nicky likes everything that moves and makes sound.
It shuts off after 20 sec. But soon as it is touched or moved it starts again. He has a lot of fun with it. On rainy days it should be taken inside

Good dog toy

Bought for 2 terrier mixes. At first they did not know what to make of it. After a few minutes they were fighting over it. They still both play with it and toss it around. Batteries die after a full day of playing with it.

Great for small dogs

My little dogs loved it. My 100 pound Lab loved it to death. It holds up well to the smaller ones, just make sure it doesn't get in the mouths of the big dogs, it is shredded now. But it is my fault, not this toy.

Must have toy for puppy!

Our puppy LOVES this toy! He carries it around by the ear, drops it so it shakes, and jumps on it. It’s hilarious! Was easy to remove the plastic ball inside to turn on and restick the Velcro. The toy is cute. Recommend.