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“No one wants to put a cheap looking bell on a $2,000 carbon fiber road bike.” It's true, isn't it?

Definitely for your sleek road or mountain bike!

×8 higher in males, 75% bicyclist deaths occur in Urban areas, with "dangers accountable to no-bell" (NHTSA, 2017).

But what if yours looked sexier & sounded like a real vehicle’s horn sound?

Engineered for quality sound, control this Bicycle HORN’s dynamic range to choose between a polite courtesy alert to a 125dB-CarWindow-penetrating beep!

Bicycle HORN rings 3x louder & generates actual road-car honk sound!

This HORN is exceedingly effective with the familiar car honk AND will look sexy on your bike!

With its spectacularly real acoustics, drool-worthy design and superb quality aluminum build, the Bicycle HORN is your ultimate biking experience.

Raining? No problem! We’ve made this weather-resistant for you!

It’s one with both; a road-familiar sound and a remarkable style!

The sound-projecting strong aluminum alloy will never compromise on your efficiency and the 1,300 mAh battery will keep you charged for 6 months!

Tailored for cyclists who don't like bells, it has a unique "Harley Davidson" design.

It's not a bell; it's you on the road through rushing and honking cars.

The Bicycle HORN is not only the loudest horn, but it will make your life sexier and safer!

Ride Safe. Look Classy.

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✔️Proven to Alert Cars and Jaywalkers

✔️The Only Proper Electric Car-HORN

✔️Dynamic Actual HORN Sound (125 dB)

✔️USB ("Android") Rechargeable

✔️Lithium Battery: 1 Charge = 6 Months Honking >10 Times/Day

✔️Lithium Ion Charging Capacity: 300 Times (Total of 150 years)

✔️Premium Aluminum Metal Alloy

✔️IPx4 Weatherproof Material

✔️Portable, With Universal Mount (28mm - 42mm Handlebar)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Benjamin Wilson

I couldn't believe how loud it is, it is amazing you can get that kind of volume out of this small package. It makes me feel much safer.

So glad I have the horn! I tell everyone about it and demo it non-stop. I use it daily and it's awesome!!

Adam Mathewson

One time a cab driver merged over into my lane, ignoring me. When I hit the horn button he immediately merged back, letting me pass safely!

I love the bicycle horn so much that I have it on my Xtracycle and also on my Bike Friday Tikit.

This bicycle horn is the best product I have purchased for my bicycle!

Sydney Finkelstein

First of all, why aren't enough people not talking about the quality of Bicycle Horn?

It is way more than just a unique and only horn that brings car tech to bikes! The quality is made for fancyy people!

So I pull this thing out of the box, plug in my phone charger USB and while I'm waiting, decide to press the button and see what happOMG THIS THING IS LOUD! :)

It is STILL enough to get the "situationally unaware" to pay attention when coming up from behind, but gotta give it about 2 presses till they move over.

Better than trying to wheeze out "on your left!" after cranking my arse up yet another hill and still having no one pay attention and stop from spanning across both lanes of the trail.

Highly recommended to fellow cyclist!

Richard C. Allen

People driving aren't going to hear a bell, when hear a horn they stop and wait for you to get clear.

I feel safer with it riding. There are certain routes in Boston that are very scary and my Loud Bicycle horn is the biggest safety feature!

Tom McInerney

Tl:dr: Great solid horn to have for your bicycle!

This horn is simple to operate and mount, and like other reviewers have said, it is loud. I was initially worried about blasting my own ears given the 125 db claim, but it does the job of alerting drivers without hurting your hearing. I am skeptical of the decibel rating, and I intend to test that claim with my sound level meter.

It beautifully does the job I bought it for, namely to produce an audible alert that is known to drivers as a motorbike horn and can be heard by drivers inside motor vehicles in the midst of traffic.

The construction is mostly metal, but this horn is after all rather inexpensive, and the aluminum alloy also makes it lightweight. The mount is secure once installed, and it is easy to clip it in and out to take it with you if you want.

I mounted mine upside down since I already have a lot of gear on my handlebars, and my thinking was that an upside-down mount may protect this horn somewhat from damage in the event of a bicycle crash.