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You deserve to confidently navigate through all weathers, with your bicycle fully equipped.

A constant worry about insecure and water-risk mounts for your phone will eventually ruin your rides!

Wouldn't a sturdy AND waterproof phone-bag be interesting for your bike?

The impressive Beast Bike Bag is snugs your phone, has a sensitive touch, is placed at the best location on your bike and is proven to hold on the rockiest trails under many rainfall tests!

Getting your phone trashed in a ride is your inner cyclist's nightmare!

You need this 2-in-1 compact Beast Bike Bag, made from highly durable material for you to ride assured.

This light-weight bag has the most secure installation with two bottom straps and an extra-security front-strap, extra earphones' hole, and a whole surprise for you to fill up the bag with!

Your bike. Your phone. Your exciting journey.

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✔️No More Falling Phone & Water Damage

✔️Impressive Sturdiness In Phone Holding

✔️Waterproof Durable Material

✔️Sensitive Touchscreen Interface

✔️Fits All Bikes & Phones

✔️Surprisingly Large Space

✔️Compact Size For Easy Riding (20cm × 8.2cm)

✔️Shade for Better Vision In Daylight

✔️Extra Earphones Extender and Hole

✔️Pack Your Snacks, Powerbank, Keys, Lock, Tube, Tools, CO2 Inflators, Gloves


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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Good Ol' Dave

After 40+ mile of use I can give an informed opinion now. In no particular order...

-I have a 30+ year old bike and needed something universal fitting that complimented my 30+ year old tail bag. This bag has no flashy decorations, no pinstripes, no skulls, nothing except a logo that is muted. Perfect!

-The two Velcro straps on the bottom grip my top bar securely and stays centered by the Velcro strap on the fork well. The straps have a generous length. If you cut, cut them long enough so that the end is tucked away between the frame and the bag, to prevent unrolling. The bag sometimes shifts due to the load creating an off-center balance but not by much. Big whoop.

-The top bag's touch screen membrane on the upper flap is definitely smartphone friendly. I have an older Galaxy S5 in a case so if it works for my phone it will work with yours. The flap has attached adjustable Velcro halves that close snugly around whatever you put there, so you can even put a solar charger inside it.

-On my rides I am able to fit EVERYTHING in my pockets- cell phone, keys, wallet, change, pocket knife, solar charger and Bluetooth earbuds- into this bag so that I don't have gear banging around in my pockets while I pedal. When I put the bike away it stores my riding gloves so I'll always know where they are.

-When the bag is stuffed full the zippers can be difficult to close sometimes. That has more to do with the bag being distorted from being over stuffed than any problem with the zipper. Re-adjust the bag contents and the problem goes away.

All in all a great little bag that fits my loyal 30+ year old stallion perfectly. There may be more expensive bags out there but that doesn't mean it will be a better bag than this one. At this price you won't feel bad about swapping it out if you do find a better bag later.

Well Built

Well designed with long straps to secure it to my RadRover. Carbon fober look is cool and the sides are reasonable stiff to hold shape. It will hold an iPhone 7 or 8 plus.

The rear of the bag has a tiny self sealing slit for earphone cables which to me is unnecessary, except for charging. I use Bluetooth earbuds. In case you wanted to know, Bluetooth gadgets work perfectly fine in this bag.
Keep them charged with a solar charger mounted on the top, and when charged, swap it out with a smartphone loaded with music.

But, that's just how I ride, and it's great!

Sharae Vicknair

Much has been said about the bag's waterproof-ness by others. I can't comment on that since I don't ride in downpours, but I can definitely say it is a lot more water resistant than any bag made of woven material (I have a tail bag which is) because it's a solid panel.

I don't care what the advertisements say about a product being waterproof- if it's a woven fabric, if you leave it out in pouring rain it will eventually leak. If you typically ride in extremely heavy rain, 90% of bags won't be for you.

Although, I honestly know this beast bag will not be a problem commuting through normal rain.

Holds a tall boy

I know what you're thinking.
Can it hold a tall boy?

Unfortunately, you'll have to decide if you also want to hold your bike tools or your phone with said 16 oz of frosty goodness. The bag also fits snugly won't explode on you later. It's a little bulky on my XL bike frame, but doesn't ever hit my knees. The only problem I have with it is I can't use the iPhone button with it if I have the iPhone in a ruggedized case.
The touch screen is fine, though.


This is a great 2 in 1 - well made and performs as advertised.
It fits my Iphone X with Lifeproof case, the velcro straps hold it securely to the frame and the touchscreen works.
Plenty of room for keys, a battery for the phone or bike light. I like to see my progress on the map (All Trails), so I set the Autolock to 'never'.
Well made and should keep everything dry even in a downpour (in which case I wouldn't be riding anyway).