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Do you spend long hours looking downwards on your phone? Studies show that text neck is a rising issue in recent years! 

These glasses will ease your text neck! You can do everything at home as usual without straining your neck & shoulders!

Be a Sloth uses a prism mechanism that enables you to see downwards while maintaining the right posture! You can scroll your phone comfortably at home!

Even better, now you can lie down flat to Netflix, watch TV or read a book!

You're wearing spectacles on a daily basis? No worries! Be a Sloth can be worn over spectacles! 

These glasses are recommended by Doctors! (No Joke!) It helps with your posture & reduces physical strain from your body.

The smartest way to be lazy at home! 

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✔️Comfortably Lie Down To Watch/Read

✔️High-Definition Prism Lens

✔️Strong & Durable ABS Plastic

✔️Prevents Text Neck

✔️Compatible With Your Spectacles


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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Reggie Richardson
Life savers!

I love them!! I know they say millennials and gen-z are going to mess up our necks because we spend so much time looking at our phones. Beyond that, I also like to read in bed. These beauties keep me from getting a neckache and I worry wayyyy less about potential neck problems.

James P. W.
Better than most even if not perfect.

By their nature prism glasses are heavy. These are the lightest I could find and that makes a big difference. They do pinch my nose a little but I'm not sure that could be avoided. Otherwise they do what they are supposed to and as well or better than any I have ever seen.

Good for TV

I’m recovering from cervical spine surgery. Very Good for watching tv but really can’t read with these glasses.

Pretty cool product

I overall love these but one change I would make is instead of two separate prisms that it be one long one. Other than that, pretty cool for tv watching or reading and not straining your neck!

Chris Apollo
Silly BUT it works!

I must say, these glasses are incredibly silly. YET, I've used it many times on the bed when reading or watching shows. If you're tired of holding your phone up and having it fall on your face...this might work for you.