Über uns

Welcome to Urban and Hawk. A bunch of friends living in urban lifestyle looking for exceptional gadgets that will actually make a difference in your life. Everything we do starts from looking at how we can improve and solve problems in our current urban lifestyle. The business takes off over a conversation we have at a bar, and we decided to finally work on it. Here we are.

Our vision

We pay attention to things that aren’t noticed at first however it’s probably essential in our daily life. We talk, bicker and argue about it. We make every little thing as good as it can be, so the product seamlessly just improve, enhance, and adapt to your lifestyle.

Ultimately, we place a high value on all your hard earned cash. It should be spent on something that is worth it. Something which that someone can be proud of their style and taste, make a change in your life and most importantly reflects you. You are different, you are doing things differently, you have no time for anything else but yourself. Living life at its most efficient and optimum rate. Every product we have to embody this spirit.

Enjoy the Urban and Hawk lifestyle

Culture and lifestyle which soar above the rest