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You need all your physical energy to enjoy traveling.

Aren't you tired of carrying personal-item bags in your hands or on youEXTENDED Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale!  r shoulders?

Imagine if you could save money, space, and your energy when you travel.

The lightest Perfit Bag perfectly fits on your carry-on handle-bars so you can drag your luggage without needing to balance it! It's adjustable so you can fit it under the airplane seat.

Nobody wants to pay extra for luggage. It's time-consuming and a waste!

Looking around the place you travel to is a luxury to enjoy with a relaxed body.

Now place your important documents, jackets, and valuables in the Perfit Bag and walk around your transits with free shoulders and painless neck!

Your arms will thank you and you will be more in the moment when you travel!

Leave your suitcase behind. Travel Smart.

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✔️Perfectly Fixes on Luggage Handle-Bars

✔️No More Carrying Personal Item

✔️No Extra Pay for Luggage

✔️Fits Under Airplane Seats

✔️Extremely Durable

✔️Travelers' Recommended

✔️Ultra Lightweight/Folds Into the Size of a Phone


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Juliane Bottomley

I received this last week and used it this past week to travel from FL to CT for 7 days. I was flying with Spirit airlines which has SUPER strict baggage guidelines and expensive luggage fees and I didn't want to pay anything because they were the cheapest flight by a landslide. I was able to pack 3 pairs of jean shorts, 4 tank tops, one tee, and 2 dresses...along with a bathing suit, underwear and 3 bras. I used one of those rolling vacuum bags (that's a different story) and had my makeup bag, another toiletry bag for odds and ends, iPad and a few other small items. This held everything I needed for the week and the bag held up great. I travel a lot and this will be a great addition to future travel plans. I wish the straps were slightly longer but you can still hold it on your shoulder ok. I like that you can fold it back up when you are done for storing at home or storing in your suitcase for later use at the end of your trip. Some people say it's impossible to fold back but I included a picture to show it's possible. Just pay attention to when you unfold it ;)


Literally JUST opened the package and I had two first impressions:
1. The material is a lot thicker than I thought based on the photos
2. It is REALLY tightly packed in the little pocket while folded.

Took some time to unfold it as it was packed real tight. The material is so impressive I actually ordered the red because I was worried the pink might be sheer (I thought it was made of that very thin gym bag material) but this is canvas like. When I finally unfolded I was underwhelmed by the size. It looks smaller than I thought - but I have yet to pack so who knows. Here's a pic I'll update review after my trip. Using it as a carry on bag for international 9 day trip. So far I'm impressed and might order the pink one I wanted if this one works well


I only bought this bag because I was taking a trip to Panamá and we were flying Spirit for the first time. 100 round trip for bags no way I was paying that. So I ordered this bag it came the next day. I love it I put a week worth of Clothes plus shoes well sandals, It’s all about how you pack your bag rolling your clothes is key to getting more items in The bag!!! It looked huge when I unwrapped and thought it would be to big to use as a carry on but it fit. This was my personal item which fly free with Spirit.
Oh! I also use it for gym when we're not traveling, since I was planning on getting a gym bag anyway.
I would definitely recommend go get you one!!!


Got this in the red, hoping it was more of a burgundy! Doesn't match my other burgundy luggage nicely. It's very lightweight, and perfect as your "personal item" for plane travel. I put my laptop, handbag, liquid items, a snack, a book, and a bottle of water in it, and there was plenty of room for more. At first I was concerned that it didn't include a shoulder strap, but it turns out that the handles are long enough that it can be hung from your shoulder. The zipper front pocket is very handy, as is the sleeve for attaching to your suitcase.
Just the color could be better, and maybe a few more internal compartment separations.


My husband and I ALWAYS do carry on luggage & pack lightly. This duffle bag is PERFECT for additional items we might acquire during our trip or to use for laundry. The pocket that slides over the luggage handle is keeps the perfit bag in place while wheeling the suitcase, not shifting around like other things we've tried. On a recent trip to Normandy, France once we were on the ground moving between cities, we were able to store our luggage in the car & just use the duffle for our overnight on Mont St. Michele. Good thing as we had to climb a narrow spiral staircase to our room & even a carryon suitcase would have been a challenge. While we didn't acquire any large items this trip, if we had, we would have used this perfect fitting bag to bring them home & checked a carryon suitcase. This well designed duffle gave us the versatility I've been looking for. I am ordering a 2nd one!