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From the excruciating loud snoring of your significant other that resembles a failing engine; to the neverending hours of praying. waiting. then cursing for your neighbors' party to end already, 

Sleepless nights are quite possibly the worst form of torture life can bring. Don't mention the horrendous eye bags, and the mandatory double (or quadruple!) espresso shots you'll need the next morning!

Give your ears a break from the painful, uncomfortable earbuds, that you shove in so deep into your ear canals to drown yourself off the noise with the Comfy Sleeper! 

It is a headband/ eye cover equipped with ultra-thin flat headphones, built in a breathable fabric to deliver the optimum comfort for you to sleep through the night, no counting sheep required!

You can now listen to your favorite audiobooks, podcasts, or relaxing music to block out surrounding noise, and get a one-way ticket to slumberland on the express lane without disturbing others! 

As for the fear of missing your alarms, and sleeping through break-ins, you can rest easy as it is not designed to be noise-insulating, allowing you to be alarmed of loud noises. 

The Comfy Sleeper connects to your devices via Bluetooth, and contains a USB rechargeable battery which requires short charging time for a long usage period, 

All which can be easily detached out from the stretchable headband, and chuck in your laundry basket for a hassle-free, clean wash on laundry day!

The Comfy Sleeper works ideally even for side sleepers, and widely applicable for all ages on various occasions, where peace and tranquility are very much needed to get your beauty sleep in.

Sleep Like a Log Shielded From Unwanted Noise!

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✔️Headband/ Eye Cover Equipped With Built-In Headphones

✔️Ultra-Thin Flat Headphone Pieces

✔️Made With Superbly Comfortable, Breathable & Stretchable Fabric

✔️Not Voice Insulated To Allow Alarming Sounds

✔️Connects To Your Devices Via Bluetooth

✔️Rechargeable USB Battery

✔️2-2.5 Hours Charging Time For About 10 Hours Usage Period

✔️Detachable Electronic Parts For Hassle-Free Washing & Cleaning

✔️Widely Applicable For All Ages On Many Occasions (Car Rides, Plane Trips, Sports...)



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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Madisen Hoeger

Overall these are the best headphones I’ve ever owned throughout my life. My intent and purpose for selecting this headband-style sleep headphone is partly due to ear buds and other in-ear headsets irritating my ears and otherwise not fitting correctly. More importantly, I needed a product that was comfortable to wear while sleeping and lying on my side on my pillow. Every night I listen to binaural ASMR to facilitate sleep more quickly, and it’s important that the ear pieces stay where I position them for maximum audio effect. These headphones are very slim inside the, über-soft headband, and do not put any pressure against my ears. The greatest feature of these, however, has become the 8-12+ hours of listening time. I was able to binge watch several seasons of a streaming series and still have, more than sufficient battery life, to run a 4-hour ASMR sleep playlist. When I woke up, the battery was still alive and kicking, but I decided to charge them, anyway, as I went about my day. For a full charge, it does take about 2-hours, but it is well worth the time to have such a long battery life and full runtime. The Bluetooth 5.0 connection on this is very quick to connect, and switches easily between my Samsung tablet and my iPhone 8s when I want to listen to audio on-the-go.

Alexandra Williamson

I can definitely see the benefit of these, particularly for sleeping to tune out hubby’s snoring while trying to fall asleep. More comfortable than I thought. I was worried the cord being in the back would be uncomfortable but it really wasn’t, decent sound quality for just being a headband!

Bernice Powlowski

My sister has a headband like this as she listens to audiobooks before bed. She kept going on and on about how much she liked it so I decided to order one myself. Partially because she made me curious and partially because I wanted her to stop telling me how much I would like it if I got one. Well, my sister was right - I do like it! It was very easy to pair and is great for listening to sounds on SleepCycle while falling asleep. The headband stays on all night long and it's not uncomfortable against my ears while laying on my side.

Gabriel Stroman

I did not expect the fit to be so lightweight and comfortable. It's almost like having nothing on your head! Super comfy. The sound quality is great considering the speakers aren't actually inside your ears. I listened to several different genres of music and they all sounded great. I like that you can turn up the volume and the person next to you can't hardly hear the speakers and yet you can still hear what's going on around you! This is much safer than ear buds!! I made calls using this and the quality is amazing. It's better than any other blue tooth I've used. No static and you are able to whisper if needed and the person on the other end can hear you just fine!

Celine Schoen

I really love this headband, so unique and so many uses. The material reminds me of swimsuit material, stretchy but snug and very comfortable. The instructions are clear making it easy to set up. I had mine linked to my phone in less than a minute. The sound quality is really good for what it is. As far as noise cancelling, don't expect much. The speakers do not fit inside the ear they sit on the ear, so if you have a lot of extreme loud noise around you your going to pick it up. However you can always turn the volume up. That's still not a deal breaker for me. When first plugging it into charge you will get a red light that will stay on until fully charged, then the light will turn blue letting you know it is ready. It does have a nice walking range of distance at 45 ft., I walked from bedroom through the living room and into kitchen and the walls did not interfere with the reception. So, If you like the audio books, jogging/walking, horseback riding, 4 wheeling, going to the gym or just laying in bed listening to music, then you'll love these. I have yet to try and link them to my TV but that's next on my list. It does take some getting used to using the buttons while on your head but still easy enough. .....and being able to take calls while in use is another plus.