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Are you grossed out by sleeping on unwashed linen where you travel?

Think the hotel sheets look clean? UV Light testing shows even "clean sheets" are stained with all kinds of things! 

 The ultra-light Clean Sleep helps you cover unclean beds and pillows. It fits into a pouch the size of your palm and easily stores in any bag you carry!

Made from the softest Korean cotton, now sleep in hotels, flights, couchsurfing, hostels , Airbnb's or hospitals with no worrying about who slept there before you.


Travel with your own comfy Clean Sleep. Sleep peacefully.

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✔️Pillowcase, Bed Sheet & Quilt Cover

✔️Unique One-Piece Design

✔️Free Small Storage Pouch

✔️Soft Korean Cotton & Premium Polyester Blend

✔️With Anti-Slip Straps

✔️All Sizes & Weights Made for Traveling

✔️Rewashable (No Deformities) & Durable

✔️Quick Drying & Breathable Material

Note: The first time you wash, use warm water below 30°C or cold water.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Bought this for use as a sleeping bag liner, and it works as intended- extra warmth, provides an easily washable layer in a down bag. This liner is noticeably softer than the Cocoon silk bag it replaced, but is not nearly as soft as my Clean Sleep.

I wish Urban & Hawk would make these bags two-toned; the top one color and the bottom another color. It can be very difficult to sort out which end is which when it's pulled out of the stuff sack.

Overall though, worth the money and I'm glad we went with this bag over the Cocoon (which we had had for a few years and had NOT softened up after several washings).


I bought this for a 2-week Eurotrip traveling to all different countries staying in hotels/hostels. I loved the idea of it, but I'm one that needs to spread my legs out while I sleep. I felt a little constricted with this one, so I purchased the bigger one.

The size is so nice and compact, it barely takes up any room in my suitcase. And I like the fact it comes with it's own carrying case.
I highly recommend this if you're worried about germs and stuff.

Margaret F.

Sliding into silk is a wonderful feeling and always helps me to sleep very well. I have the Clean Sleep king size silks on my bed and this will go everywhere I have to.
No more worries about hotel rooms etc., just pure comfort and a feeling of being home when your not.

Beth Schnellenberger

I had one of these before and lost it. I had to have another one, because I really don't stay at a hotel without one. I hate hotel sheets! They are scratchy and who knows how clean they actually are. You KNOW they don't wash that bedspread every time they clean the room! I don't want ANY of that stuff touching me. This gives me a barrier between me and any bed linens I don't want touching me. Even the pillow is covered. The Clean Sleep has plenty of room--I can easily stretch out and turn over. Really, I don't stay in a hotel without one.


Cozy, comfort security of cleanliness!! I travel quite a bit an am never sure of the quality standards of even the best hotels. The Clean Sleep Travel Sheet take out the guess work. Really comfortable and I know they are clean since I wash them!! Great for your peace of mind and good night's sleep!! Recommend!!