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Your family's lives matter. Your life matters.

When your car breaks down at night & oncoming cars are speeding towards your direction, risking your life! Is that worth it?

Can you imagine the risks & danger you're putting your family and yourself into?

Starlight is an LED safety flare that is a life-time insurance! Your life is priceless & this will definitely help reduce all these accidents!

With 12 LEDs & 9 different strobe modes, it's so attractively bright that it can warn vehicles of your emergency!

In case you need extra lights to see in the dark, it has 3 white LEDs on the front that you can use it as a flashlight!

You can stick them onto your car & they're IP65 waterproof, perfect for any weather condition!


Its a much better alternative to the traditional reflective triangles & cones as they need the light source hitting it directly, meaning other road traffic will not see it until they are already driving upon them!


A car accidentally runs over your LED road flare? No worries! It's so strong & durable that it can bear against a truck going over it!

It's an effective tool to be used in emergency situations as the LED light can be noticed 1 mile away! Use it on the road, the car or any emergency situation!

What's more, it comes 3 in a pack for you to arrange them to lead the traffic away from your vehicle! 

You can also buy it as a gift for your family & loved ones! Protect your family & yourself from unnecessary accidents! 

Feel Safer On The Road, Your Life Matter!

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✔️12 + 3 LED Lights

✔️Comes 3 In A Pack

✔️9 Different Light Strobe Modes

✔️IP65 Waterproof 

✔️Strong Built-In Recessed Magnets 

✔️Shockproof & Crush-proof

✔️Safe Alternative To Traditional Burning Flares

✔️Great Gift For Your Family & Loves Ones


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Customer Reviews

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Jack C
Cops love them!

We have purchased new or new-to-(our son) vehicles in the past 18 months. We wanted to have the most visible (and safest) means of light should something happen.

Twice in the past month, our son had an occasion to use his set of three; the first time when he witnessed a t-bone accident. He pulled over, set out the lights to warn others before he went to assist the drivers (he's an EMT). The state patrol commented on the lights saying they had helped move drivers over to another lane.

The second time was today when he put them out following a spin-out while he waited for the state patrol and tow truck. Again, the police officer commented on the lights stating it made it very easy to locate my son and his car.

Every person should have a set of these ready to use in their vehicle. Thank you so much!

Joshua Pearl
super bright

I’m a truck driver working nights.
I bought these to put on top of safety cones while delivering to one of our stores that requires me to double park on a busy street just before sun up.

I immediately noticed a huge difference in how people now changed lanes about a block away instead of at the last second.

Led Road Flare Discs Work Great.

LED Road Flare Discs flash bright .You can change the flashing sequence too.Comes with carrying case and seat belt cutter & Tools to change the batteries.

Very compact and much safer than flares

So I'm used to carrying flares in my police unit, but they always dry out and break all over the place. They are also a pain the light sometimes, especially in the rain. These totally negate all of those problems. I've been wanting to get something like these for a while, but did not want to spend my own money. Finally did, and very glad that I did. they were bright during the rain from the hurricane we just Dad down here, and works like a champ. 100% waterproof with absolutely no problems. If you press the power button on the top, it will actually change the way the strobe works. I found that the flashing strobe was the best one. But, that's just me. Also, these seem very sturdy, and I think you could run over them and they would still work. Not going to test the theory, but it appears that you could. The bag that they come in is super nice also and keeps everything together. something they thought was actually neat was that you can hang these. Might actually come in handy hanging on a bumper or something.


"EVERT BODY SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST TWO" First of all, through away the no--name batteries!!, and replace with eveready ultimate (lithium). I just purchased these and they are the new version which turns on & off with a loud click. If you have some hearing loss, hold the disc up to your ear, and you should be able to hear it. The lithium batts. have a 20 year storage life and don't leak plus greatly extends the working life of the different settings at least 3 or 4 times--well worth the extra cost! Don't forget these have a strong magnet so if you pay much attention to your built in car compass, this could affect the reading if you put the disc in the wrong place in your vehicle, (try it in several places).

In the picture you'll notice that is possible to put a thin, but strong cord, through any of the holes in the frame, which makes it easier to hang in several more positions. "GREAT GIFTS"