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Isn't it better to watch football with a group of friends on a bigger screen?

This pocket-sized projector will change the way you watch football, movies & TV shows!

With its native resolution of 320x240 pixels, 300 Lumens & the support of 1080P resolution, it is an ideal projector for home entertainment!

You can now have your own drive-in movie, watch football with a group of friends or even watch a movie on your ceiling while lying down!

It's so small & compact that you can bring it wherever you want! It can easily fit into your bag, purse or pocket! 

A projector screen is also much better for you or your kids' eyes compared to a TV screen! It's a fun & great gift idea too!

Films in the Palm of Your Hands!

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✔️Small & Compact: 12.6cm (L) x 8.6cm (W) x 4.8cm (H)

✔️Portable & Lightweight: 0.6kg

✔️Works With Portable Power Supply

✔️High Performance: 300 Lumens, Supports 1080P Resolution

✔️Great Projection Display: 20-60 inch at 1-3m Distance 

✔️Wide Compatibility

✔️Great for Camping, Traveling, Gaming, Drive-In Movie or Home Cinema



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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Stacie S
over all great kids projector.

Great little projector. Now when I say little I do mean it. It fits in my son's palm of his hand. Now that being said this little thing packs a punch. You can get about a 32 inch tv out of this and have a good clear picture bigger then that it gets a little blurry. Now do not buy this expecting an living room quality projector then come bash this. For what this is it exceeded all my expectations.

You do need a dark room as the brightness level is not overly bright in a light room. But this has a built in speaker so you don't need to attach speakers too it.

My son was thrilled to take it out with his friends and use a power converter out of his car add play movies of a usb device on a sheet draped over three SUV. They created their own drive in movie with it.

The buttons on the top all functioned well but it also comes with a remote for indirect control.

My son is happy with his birthday gift and I couldn't be happier.

Fantastic toy projector, but you need a very dark room

I got this projector for my five year old, since I find it "healthier" than watching on the tablet or the TV. He is very happy with it, since they have been using a similar one at school. At first I was a little worried, since the image was almost invisible (I was in a medium-lit room). When I put the projector very close to the wall, I managed to get a visible image, but blur (I could not adjust the lens). Basically, the projector light is not so powerful due to its small size, so you need a quite dark room to get a good image. Once I did that, I could get a visible picture even from several feet away. The quality is not great, but acceptable for kids.

Once I got it to work, everything went smooth. I have been using my laptop with the HDMI input (note that the HDMI cable is not included), and the videos play really smooth. I have taken a video from YouTube during mid-afternoon, when there is still some light from outside, and it is very enjoyable to watch. I like that the projector turns on and off within seconds, and that the menus are very responsive. It also has a built-in speaker with decent volume. I plan to connect it to my old Raspberry Pie, and have a "media station" in our kids room.

Overall, I find this a fantastic toy projector, and my son is delighted with it!

Impressive Projector for Its Reasonable Cost

This is a mini projector in that it is only 5 inches by 3.25 inches and 1.5 inches thick. The projectors description is accurate at describing it's features, so read tgem carefully to see if it will meet your needs. With 600 lumens it is not bright enough to use during the day, it must be used in the dark as the description states. It comes with a power adaptor, but a external battery pack can be used as well. I used my 1200mah phone backup charger to power the projector. The projector has a built in speaker that is surprisingly loud for its size. You do not need an extra speaker, but you can use headphones or attach another speaker. The projector has HDMI, USB, Micro SD and AV inputs. I played movies on the projector from a USB flashdrive that I downloaded. The projector max size is around 60 inches. I attached photo of the projector playing a movie on my garage door.The projector has a manual adjustment for focus. It does not have a keystone adjustment, so I used a box to line up the projector with the screen. The images are not super high HD resolution, but clear enough to see. This projector would be good for outdoor family movie nights or even camping trips. If you are looking to buy something for a home cinema or use during the day then I would spend some more money to a projector with higher resolution and lumens. If you are looking for a very affordable and portable projector with basic features to project movies anywhere try this one. The projector costs less than some other projectors replacement bulbs.

Maria Gagliano
Light weight and easy hook up

This Portable Mini Projector is definitely easy to use. We love watching movies as a family and hooking this up was a breeze. One power cord to the outlet and our Amazon Fire Stick into the HDMI port on the projector, toggle over to the last main screen and switch to HDMI and the kids are able to watch movies in full movie screen style anytime they want. There is a controller which makes it easier in the dark or there are controls on the top. While the resolution is low this is great for when we have sleep overs. We have even watched movies on the ceiling.

I do have a better resolution projector but the Meer has better sound and has a quieter fan so I don't need an external speaker. This projector is so much lighter than my other which is heavier and also needs to be put on a tripod with two hook up but this one for a quick hook up that the kids can do all by themselves and without help is better for them. I don't worry that they will drop it as it is light weight and quiet. They just place on a dresser.

Easy hook up
Doesn't need an external speaker
Can be hooked up to computers, game systems, TV and even play our Camera's SD card
Remote control

Picture quality is low

All in all it is a decent portable projector

Shannon H.
Great picture for the size room !!

I bought this as a surprise for my husband for our bedroom which isn't very large but does hold a king size bed and large side by side dresser. I set the projector up on shelf above the back of the bed to project on a blank wall in front of the bed and its perfect. It gave just the right size picture for our room and not over pixelated. We've been able to hook up our cable and our Fire stick then watch whatever we want, when want. I'm glad I bought it instead off a regular flat screen tv.