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Frustrated that whenever you open the door, it accidentally hits your cabinets?

Holdoor is a magnetic door stopper that holds your door from slamming into things!

It is made of high-quality brushed 304 Stainless Steel making it solid, sturdy & rust-proof!

The magnet in Holdoor is strong enough to hold & stop the door, protecting your walls, cabinets or any surfaces from any damages!

It also stops the door from slamming due to wind or conveniently hold the door open in general, especially with gravity-assisted doors!

It can be mounted using either the 3M double-sided tape or the screws which are provided together with it!

It's low profile, perfect for a home, office, RV or anywhere that needs a door stopper! You can also easily clean the area around it without being affected!

Convenience At A Push!

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✔️Premium Quality 304 Stainless Steel

✔️Strong Magnetic Door Holder


✔️Sturdy & Durable

✔️Easy Installation: 3M Double-Sided Tape / Screws

✔️Perfect For Anywhere That Needs A Door to Keep Open


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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Varley not Farley
Really nice upgrade

I installed this on a custom mahogany wood screen door with spring hinges. The magnet is plenty strong to keep the door open even with the spring hinges wound tight. The product works flawlessly and I think the clients really like it.

Perfect for rv doors

Perfect for doors in rv. It was easy to install and I love how flush it is with the floor, doesn't stick out like the type I have in my house. Very strong magnets, holds great even with all the bumps when driving. Great quality!

Exactly what I was looking for

Was having a problem with an old flip down door holder. It was dropping every time the door to the garage was opened. When we would try to come in through the front door we couldn't because the door to the garage was blocking it. So I put this on as a fix. The magnet is strong enough to hold open a spring loaded hinge door closer but forgiving enough to let go when front door knocks it closed.

Sterling Craft Plumbing
Really Neat Stopper

I wasn't really sure how this would work out. I wanted something to keep the door from slamming into a cabinet, but didn't want to put something on the cabinet or have a bulky stop on the floor.

A hinge mount stop would allow too much movement to leave me feeling comfortable so I gave this a try. I was concerned the magnet would not pull the stop up quickly enough if the door was really flung open, but it catches surprisingly well and even when I give the door a good whip it pulls up in time to repel the door.

When I really fling the door at it, it will bounce back. If you are purchasing this to make sure the door grabs and is immediately immobilized it may not be what you want. If the door is opened and hits the latch at what I consider a typical speed it will grab it and prevent it from closing just fine. It doesn't take much force to pull the door closed, in fact I can barely notice any resistance which I liked. I do believe it is strong enough from allowing the door to close all on its own if you have unleveled floors or are trying to keep it open from some light breezes.

Fixes door closing on its own.

Does just what I wanted and at a great price!