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Isn’t it tiring to mechanically refill air into your bike’s tires yourself, and even frustrating if those hand-pumps snap?

From smartphones to smart-cars, all our problems are solved at the touch of our fingertips. But, when it comes to bicycles, you still inflate tires until you’re fatigued.

Urban & Hawk says, “No more”!

With the SmartPump, you can press a button to inflate your tires, without breaking a sweat! Plus, its digital display allows you to know the specific pressure, and precisely fill your tires to it! But, we’re here to go beyond that…

Imagine going cycling, with a power bank for your phone, a pump for your bike and a torchlight for the night. Now imagine using a very small portable device that does all of that for you, fitting in your bottle holder.

After setting the pressure your tire needs, the SmartPump will automatically inflate it for you, and stop when it’s done! You can actually enter the pressure to fill up different things, from a road bike/mountain bike tire to a basketball/football!


  • For tires of road bicycle, mountain bicycle, car and basketball etc.
  • Special mount for bicycle
  • 150PSI max pressure and quick inflation
  • Automatic stop
  • Pressure measurement and battery LCD display
  • LED lighting and power bank
  • Weight, size, capacity: 5×5×18(cm), 336g, 500mAh



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Customer Reviews

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If you are looking for a mobile air compressor for flats this is a nice solution!!! Now granted, many people who cycle use a C02 and air chuck because it is super fast. It is fast, but you also can't fly with C02 which means you have to find a C02 at your destination and those add up quickly in terms of cost.

You also get one shot at the C02 and don't have any feedback to the PSI you are actually putting in. C02 also bleeds from the tubes quickly. Hand-pumps don't usually give you feedback from PSI, and while it will last as long as the seals of the hand-pump last, you will find that hand-pumping tires in the field is an annoying task which quickly gets old.


I recently purchased a oneWheel and that go-kart tire loses air over a week. So I bought this for the occasional charge up. This is awesome! So freaking easy.

Ok I realize that it's pouring air into a tire and that's always easy really... But even still. You turn it on. Pick the unit (psi, etc). Them select the pressure. That's it... Now attach to tire with the easy lock on and press start. Wham! It instantly tells me my tire is at 17psi. That's 3 points low my friends. With one more click the unit immediately begin to fill my tire... And with a lot less noise than I expected to be honest. Within seconds the gauge climbed to 20 psi...and...wait for it...yup it stopped on its own. Simple.

So that was a small example. I have a tire on my car that has a slooooow leak. So I take this out to it and see it's 20 paid low. Within minutes it's full! And I didn't need to put some in and then check it... not bent over like a sucker... Standing there waiting for it to finish like a boss. Ok that's a bit excessive but you get the point. Easy.


I've been looking for a electric air compressor for a long time now. This is my second pump, the first one was a mini portable air compressor but soon it broke. This one is easy to use and small enough. I can't speak for the use on vehicles however, this pump fits my bike well. For a test, I pumped my bike tire from 0 psi to 120 psi within 2 minutes. That's really fast mini pump. And the body and the air hose will be a little hot when it's working but it's acceptable.

It comes with 4 different nozzles for different purposes. I test it on basketball, the inflation is easy and fast. There is no need to keep paying attention to it, it stopped automatically when pressure reached the target.
There is no issues so far. I will update this review if I surfer any issures


Very efficient and easy to use. I don't need to inflate my bike by my own, just set some parameters and click the start button, it will help me finish the job. Just several seconds my tires are back to life. In the setting menu, you can choose several units and don't have to convert by yourself. For example, one of my bikes use 'psi' and the other one use 'bar', I just choose different unit and set the pressure to the recommended value, this is very easy for me.

It can be charged by usb, so I can use a power bank to charge it, it is convenient when I want to go a long trip.

The most important, this air pump can reach to more than 120 psi, it suits to my Road Bike


Absolutely LOVE this thing! It's the best of its kind on the market that I know of. Puts out a decent amount of air, even for a car tire, and will even charge your phone in a pinch.

The only thing that would make this thing perfect would be if the readout was brighter. It is hard to see unless it's kinda dark. In the sunlight you can't see it that well.