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“No one wants to put a cheap looking bell on a $2,000 carbon fiber road bike.” It's true, isn't it? 

Definitely for your sleek road or mountain bike!

8 times higher in males, most bicyclist deaths occur in Urban areas (75%), with dangers accountable to no-bell on the bike (NHTSA, 2017).

But what if yours look sexy & sound like an angel playing the glockenspiel?

Engineered for quality sound, you can control its dynamic range to choose between a polite courtesy ring to a 90dB-headphones-penetrating ding!
MinimalX Bell will ring 3x longer than others!
This bell will be exceedingly effective in any environment AND will look sexy on your bike!

With its drool-worthy design, superb quality build and spectacular acoustics, the MinimalX Bell is your ultimate bike bell.

It’s one with both; a beautiful tone and a remarkable style.

Set out to be tailored for cyclists who don't like bells, it has a unique "invisible" design.
Maintain your minimalist style!
The light and strong 45g of inox steel alloy never compromise on your efficiency, and the small 30mm x 20.5mm size leaves plenty of empty space on your handle-bar!

Ride Safe. Look Classy.

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✔️Premium Inox Steel Alloy Material

✔️Invisible Design

✔️Distinct Tone; 90dB+

✔️Adaptable Mounting System: 22.2mm to 31.8mm

✔️Dimension: 30mm x 20.5mm

✔️Light Weight: 45g


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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
just an old school roadie
A tale of two bells

Yet another tale of the Chinese knock off:

James Campbell

I bought this bell primarily for MTB endurance racing. This is just an easier and more polite way to communicate that you are coming up on someone to pass.

Also, higher-end bikes are pretty quiet, and I’ve seen my share of close calls and wrecks because someone less experienced got startled by someone flying by because they did not hear the other rider approaching.

Oliver G

Took a chance on one of these since I needed something loud, small, inconspicuous, and affordable for my commuter, an older Leader LD-722-RS frameset with Shimano 105 components. Joggers, dog walkers, etc. on the sections of bike path I take to and from work are a menace, so I wanted something with a little 'umpf!' The bell itself is well made and the result is a very loud, reverberating tone when the striker is engaged!

Reanna Crona

Most road cyclists distant bells...added weight and seen as not matching a sleek bike (eye roll). This past March, our local police began citing cyclists not having bells (and reflectors and so forth), which the law prescribes here. The MinimalX Bell is a great accessory and goes well with the paint scheme of my bike! It was simple to install and fits the handlebar well!


I ordered this bell for my Cannondale Synapse road bike, as I found myself occasionally cycling on a section of paved bike path which is frequented by pedestrians with strollers and little kids on bikes. I learned that pedestrians weren't hearing my call, "On your left!", so I decided to try a bell instead. I like the design of this product in that it is sleek and unassuming.

Giving 4 stars because they mixed up my bell color, thou they reshipped the correct one immediately.