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NFPA (2018) reported 2,560 civilian fire deaths, 11,670 civilian fire injuries and $6.5 billion in direct property damage.

With no panic, most fires can be controlled in the first 30 seconds and save your family's life! 

The Life Saver keeps your hands and body safe and quickly extinguishes fires with fireproof fiber-glass material.

Fire extinguishers leave toxic residue behind, which is especially bad for kitchen.

The clean Life Saver neatly smothers fires and leaves your kitchen safe and easy to use.

Fire extinguishers are difficult to use in stress, need to be replaced often (fire doesn't give warnings), and create a mess!

The easy and neat Life Saver will be there for you right when you need, one pull away (can be used even by kids) and doesn't run out of pressure.

It is enough to give you and your family shelter when you want to escape as well, when your house (hopefully never, but don't wait to find out) catches on and starts raining fire!

Think about your children, family and friends. Express your care and concern for their safety! Get enough for your house to cover everyone in the house!

Save Your House. Save Your Family. Save Your Life.

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What People Say: 


✔️Clean & Residue Free Fire Extinguisher

✔️Quickest and Easiest to Use in Emergencies

✔️Fiber-Glass Fireproof Welding Material Blanket

✔️Size: 1m x 1m (3.3' x 3.3')

✔️Cover Yourself In Fire-Escape

✔️Easy-Install, Easy-Eject

✔️Ideal For: Kitchen, Fireplace, Grill, Car, Camping

✔️Tested and NFPA Recommended

Usage & General Guide & Cautions:
-Simply hang the package near, but not directly at the place of possible danger.
-Pull the black straps when needed.
-To smother fires, roll the blanket in front of your hands, keep the place-of-fire visible, but don't hold the blanket too low. Approach and cover the fire entirely.
-Once approached the area, do not pull the blanket back, or it will attract fire and increase the chances of spreading it further.
-Keep the area covered for at least half an hour. Call emergency services after covering.
-Cover yourself when exiting your home in case of a fire emergency.
-For usage on radiators or other places to save energy, do not cut the blanket. Simply fold it to make it smaller.
-This fire blanket can be used for an electrical fire. However, you should cut off the power before extinguishing the fire.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
James S.

This is a little like trying to rate life insurance - I've never tested it and hope I never do.

I showed it to a friend who is a fire chief and he say a blanket like this is the best way to fight a kitchen fire. It will smother the fire with no mess and also puts a fireproof barrier between you and the fire.

Paul Schiffman

Looks and feels like a quality product. The fiberglass material is like a fire resistant cloth called Refrasil that we use at work to cover flammables from welding and burning sparks. I have not put this blanket to use, and hope to never need it, but I feel very comfortable having it nearby. The stitches on the 2 pull tabs worked when I gave them a pull, opening the velcro flap and pulling the folded blanket out of the pouch. The red nylon pouch has what looks like a water-resistant inner surface, so I expect this will be okay to hang outdoors. I will be ordering a another one to hang near my fire pit.

Also, some others commented that glass fibers came loose from the blanket when opened, but I did not notice any, nor was I irritated by handling it. We use this material all the time at work, and it holds up well after repeated uses in an industrial setting, so I think its a great deal for an emergency blanket.

Vania Smirnov

Our household continues the annual tradition of setting the kitchen on fire in various novel ways. This time the culprit is avocado oil on a cast iron pan. No injuries reported.

The good:
- Yanking out the blanket was smooth and easy
- the fire was eventually smothered.

The bad:
- the black strap immediately detached when pulling, so I had to pry out the blanket from the bag
- blanket was not very pliable, so getting airtight seal was a little hard

Tips for fellow buyers:
- keep these mounted on a wall within easy reach.
- be careful, blanket heats up over long periods of time

S. Cole

Just received 2 of these Life Savers. I ordered one for our kitchen. It's the exact same fire blanket our local fire department showed us at a demonstration, so I was impressed with that. I pray we never have to use it! Received an email from the company, making sure I was happy with my purchase. That was impressive, not many companies take the time to do that. I most assuredly recommend buying!


Very reasonably priced, this is a great alternative to a regular spray type of fire extinguisher, especially for kitchen fires. We have a "kitchen" spray type extinguisher. I am VERY glad we have never needed to use it. But when I saw these, it made perfect sense, as the type of fires that normally occur in kitchens are oil or liquid type fires and a spray extinguisher would just seem to make it worse. I feel the best way is to smother these fires is having a fire proof blanket to throw over it.
This blanket comes in a hanging "packet" that hangs with the velcro closed end on the bottom. There are two web straps that hang out of the packet bottom and is attached to the enclosed folded blanket. By pulling these straps, it yanks the blanket out of the packet so you can have quick access. I put a large key ring through the hanging eyelet, large enough so that I can hang it over one of the cabinet knobs near the stove when we are cooking. I also put a small hook on the inside of one of the cabinet doors where I can hang it out of sight when not needed.

I am hoping that I NEVER have the need for this product.