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"75% of bicyclist deaths occur in Urban areas, with dangers accountable to tailgaters' lack of knowledge of the biker's turning intentions (NHTSA, 2017)."

Are you constantly worried about reckless-drivers, especially when making a turn?

The new Urban TurnSignal lets you indicate to the driver behind before taking a turn. Every vehicle should have an indicator.

With a remote control on your handlebar and the turn signals on your taillight, now drive with confidence and pay the road's due-respect.

Made from IPx4 water-proof material, the premium Urban TurnSignal lets you enjoy the sexiest design in 3 different modes.

The long horizontal panel is specially designed to keep the taillight above the turning signals, with the indicators at a wide distance. The emergency mode allows you to alert the tailgaters with the brightest LEDs.

Not having a turn signal is extremely hazardous.

Gear up with the sexiest upgrade & ride safe!

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✔️3 Modes: Turn Signal, Braking, Emergency Light

✔️Wireless Remote Control (With Lights)

✔️Premium IPx4 Waterproof Material

✔️Universal Mounting System (Light & Remote: 25mm-32mm & 18mm-28mm)

✔️Easily (USB) Rechargeable & Easily Detach/attachable

✔️Heavy Duty 2,200 mAh Lithium-ion Battery

✔️Luminosity: 85 Lumens Bright LEDs

✔️Tested For Your Turning Safety

Note: Charge lasts for a few days (rechargeable). We recommend to charge once per week. Better safe than sorry.


Due to the current situation, please allow 2-4 weeks for all US and International orders.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Robert J

So far, I am really liking this light!! It is equal or better in brightness than a 6" oval LED truck light I'd placed on the bike. The mounts were easy to set up, and instructions were in tolerable English. There are a few points that make this light "not perfect" but still valuable. The charging port cover could stand a better fit. The yellow LED's are far too weak to match the powerful red LED's. The mount is a "universal seatpost clamp" , but if you love to carry stuff on a rear rack, the light may be obstructed, a "universal rack" or "build your own" bracket would be awesome so the taillight could be at the back of the rack, out of the way.. Overall... I LOVE IT!!!! Best idea in bike lighting since the idea of riding at night! :-) I really do LOVE this light, one of the best lighting solutions I've seen! Winter note, the controller might be hard to work through gloves......


This product is awesome glad I got this one, I have a 2cycle motor on a beach cruiser and it works awesome now people can tell witch way I'm turning without them guessing or cause any accidents..

I just love this light. Its bright and the turn signals work great. This light makes my bike look more expensive. I recommend this light to anyone, oh forgot to mention perfect size as well.


This Bike has massive decent functions – Stylish turning light, Remote controlling, Flashing alert and etc. This is my second bike light and I really like it. It is not just a bike tail light with decent functions keeping me riding safely, but it also makes me riding stylishly like a red lightning bolt shuttling in the streets. LOL

✯✯✯ Pros ✯✯✯
- Eye-catching Turning Light: There are actually yellow flashing and red streaming lights when I press the turning light. It is very eye-catching and clearly visible from long distance
- Handy Remote Control: The nice touching matte buttons on remote are actually very easy to press, not like other remote bike. They are convex like mechanical keyboard, but soft and good hand feeling. As long as you have a look at the button layout while installing it, you don’t need to look at the remote to know what position they are. No confusion.
- Common Functions All Included: Urban TurnSignal almost covers all the common functions of bike tail light in the market. This is really an all-in-one purchase.
- Steady on Bike Frame: All the parts are fixed on the bike frame by screws. They are very steady, so no worries on getting loosen or dropped on the ground.
✯✯✯ Cons ✯✯✯
- Rechargeable: I would prefer it if it came with an option to install batteries. I don't like removing, charging, and clipping it on again. But it is just my personal preference; not a big deal.

Mike W

This taillight has a stylish design and solid quality. It reminded me of those lights in Star Wars. Very bright and sharp light. Neat functions including turning signals, flashing. Its black color fits easily in any bike. I put it on my red and black bike. Very convenient to install. No manual was needed. The switch on the tail light is located in the front. Once turned on, the light looks gorgeously bright. I even tried it on my daughter's Frozen bike (since she insisted to put THE COOL light on :)). She was able to control the light by herself. She loved it too. Now here is the happy dilemma: Shall I buy another one for her, or another two for her and her brother who was crying UNFAIR? :)
In a word, this is an excellent product with useful functions!


I was really stoked when this item arrived. I was pleased that this light came with a mount that attached to the seat post as opposed to the saddle rails as I have 2 items on the saddle rails, which would be a bit of a squeeze. I was also stoked about the wireless remote as I sometimes would begin my ride and forget to turn on my rear light and I hated unclipping from my pedals and stopping to turn my light on. With this if I forgot I could just use the remote.